Texas Coffee School Scholarship Opportunity


Texas Coffee School Scholarship Opportunity

This month, hundreds of thousands of teenagers will graduate from high school.  Some know exactly how the next four years will pan out for them and will attend college. And there are those who may even be wondering if college is the right choice for them.

With the rising costs of education, SOME people are looking for an alternative path to success as an entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, there are few places where you learn how to become your own boss.  For those individuals who have a love for coffee and a desire to learn more about becoming a business owner, we want to offer a solution!

Which is why Texas Coffee School is excited to offer a current high school senior, or a recent high school graduate, a scholarship opportunity to take our 3-Day Coffee Business Class for FREE!

The Face of Success is Changing:

Some people have a misguided idea of what an entrepreneur looks like and how old they are. As a result, people allow doubt to sink in, and wrongly believe that they could never be a successful business owner.  However, in our experience, many different kinds of people can be successful with the right foundation.

We have seen individuals from a variety of age groups, ethnicities, and genders who have come through our 3-Day Coffee Business Class and opened a successful coffee business.

Knowledge is certainly power, and our sole purpose is to provide our students with the knowledge, direction and skills to feel confident and empowered on their journey toward owning their own specialty coffee business.

What is the Texas Coffee School 3-day Coffee Business Class?


Our 3-Day Coffee Business class offers hands-on coffee education and barista training, coffee business planning, and coffee business operations training, all integrated into one comprehensive course.

The course lays out an entire roadmap to get someone from the dream of opening up a coffee shop to their opening day and beyond.

The Good News:

While it is absolutely true that entrepreneurship is not the right path for everyone, and not every business venture is a success, remember, you miss 100% of the opportunities in life that you do not pursue (or at least explore), and a major differentiating factor in many who are successful is that they don’t look at obstacles and say “I can’t do that,” they look at obstacles and think “how can I do that.”

While the scholarship opportunity is only open to current seniors in high school or recent high school graduates, anyone is welcome to sign up for the courses we offer at Texas Coffee School.

How to apply:

*Fill out the Texas Coffee School Scholarship Application

Deadline: CLOSED

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