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1-Day Coffee Business Live Online Class

PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs | Coffee Business Owners | Managers |

This live streaming, live taught, online format of our coffee business curriculum is an entrepreneur’s roadmap for how to open a coffee shop business. This 1-day coffee business launch workshop serves as a way to set your business in motion and to access the most vital business information, resources, and strategies from our Coffee Business Master Class – from the comfort of your home. We trimmed out the hands-on coffee education & barista training and kept the vital business aspects fully intact. It’s easy access, detailed, and includes the same live Q&A, class notes, and resources you’d get in our classroom.


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3-Day Coffee Business Master Class

PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs | Coffee Business Owners | Managers |

If you’re planning to open a coffee shop, this course is for you! No experience necessary. No other classes necessary. We combine hands-on coffee education and barista training with the highest level coffee business education and coffee shop operational training into one comprehensive in-person workshop. Our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class is easily the most detailed yet approachable class for how to open a coffee shop business anywhere in the world! Due to our small class sizes, space is limited. Register today to reserve your spot!

2-Day Barista Training Class

PERFECT FOR: Managers | Baristas | Home Enthusiasts |

This 2-day barista class is a combination of our popular Espresso & Milk Skills Class and Quality Coffee Brewing Class into one comprehensive workshop. Our 2-day barista training class is geared for coffee shop staff training and serious home enthusiasts looking to learn and perfect fundamental skills through hands-on barista training. Space is limited!

Coffee Shop Management Training Course

PERFECT FOR: Coffee Business Owners | Managers |

This coffee shop management training course is a highly impactful 1-day workshop designed to be the turn-key solution for coffee shop, bakery, & cafe owners that need to get themselves or their store managers trained and up to speed on role-critical operations and management skills quickly and effectively. With an emphasis on making course curriculum easy to understand and absorb, our team of coffee business experts focus this class on key factors that can make the biggest impact on day-to-day business operations. Perfect for existing businesses and/or companies that recently hired or promoted a new manager. Space is limited!

Espresso & Milk Skills Class

PERFECT FOR: Managers | Baristas | Home Enthusiasts |

This barista class is an ever-popular 1-day course created for home enthusiasts and working baristas alike. Through hands-on barista training, we teach the skills necessary for preparing the highest quality espresso & milk-based drinks. Students will come away from this class feeling confident using an espresso machine, steaming & pouring milk, making all the classic espresso-based drinks, and cleaning & maintaining equipment.

Quality Coffee Brewing Class

PERFECT FOR: Managers | Baristas | Home Enthusiasts |

This coffee class is an exciting day of education that focuses on the fundamentals of quality-oriented brewing. Through guided hands-on brewing experiments and tasting exercises with today's most popular brewing equipment, students will learn how to isolate and control individual factors that affect coffee's taste. These skills are vital to brewing consistently great tasting coffee, and knowing how to troubleshoot off-tasting results. This coffee class is an absolute must for anyone with a strong interest in brewing! Space is limited.

Latte Art Class

PERFECT FOR: Managers | Baristas | Home Enthusiasts |

The Texas Coffee School Latte Art Class is a 4-hour, hands-on coffee education course designed for baristas and home enthusiasts looking to learn how to pour latte art, and for those looking to polish their latte art pouring skills.

Coffee Cupping Class

PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs | Managers | Baristas | Home Enthusiasts |

Coffee Cupping is a fun and highly interactive way to discover coffee. A "coffee cupping" is the way professionals taste and evaluate coffee all over the world. Think of it the same way you would a wine tasting – except with fine coffees. If you are looking for a fun and affordable experience, this coffee class is for you!


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