How To Open & Grow A Coffee Shop Business

3-Day Coffee Business Master Class


Your Step-By-Step Roadmap For How To Open & Grow A Coffee Shop

Learn how to open a coffee shop business with no previous experience necessary! Come away with the know-how, resources, and a step-by-step plan of action to launch and grow your own independent coffee shop business. Over the last 14 years this very class has been the launch platform for hundreds of successful coffee businesses around the world. From traditional brick and mortar coffee shops, to coffee trucks, drive-thru’s, hybrid models, and many more. Whether you are at the earliest stage of your journey, or you are well down the path – We guarantee this class will provide more value than the price of tuition, or any other coffee business course! Check out the hundreds of Google 5-Star reviews and Facebook Recommendations this class has earned from our students. See some of their businesses featured on our blog!

Highest Training Value

Through our small class sizes we deliver a truly personalized and inspirational learning experience. Over 3 full days, students will receive hands-on barista training, detailed coffee business education, and coffee shop operations training from the highest rated educators in the industry. Students will learn how to write a coffee shop business plan, accurately project start-up costs, equipment selection, menu planning, managing operations profitably, how to make elevated hot + cold drinks, and so much more! This class is turn-key comprehensive learning, which means no additional classes or add-on services necessary. Our full suite of detailed Coffeepreneur® resources (including our 200+ page binder of class notes, financial plan, spreadsheets, operations manuals, location analysis tool, cafe designs, equipment lists, recipes, + more) are included for no additional fee! Upon completion, students will receive our internationally recognized certificate of coffee business + barista training.

A Modern Approach To Training – Go Further, Faster

Since our beginning, we have worked tirelessly to ensure this Coffeepreneur® 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class is not only the most powerful and detailed course of its kind – But also the most approachable and easy to grasp. We are constantly evolving and improving our training systems to ensure our students are prepared to face what’s ahead. Our modern approach to training enables our students to achieve more capability in less time than any other coffee business course!


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Daily Schedule

  • Day 1

    9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    • Introduction to Opening a Coffee Shop Business
    • Comprehensive Coffee + Barista Training (Part 1)
    • Comprehensive Coffee + Barista Training (Part 2)
    • Coffee Shop Operations Training (Part 1)
  • Day 2

    9:00 AM – 5:15 PM

    • Comprehensive Coffee + Barista Training (Part 3)
    • Comprehensive Coffee + Barista Training (Part 4)
    • Coffee Shop Operations Training (Part 2)
    • Practice Time
  • Day 3

    9:00 AM – 4:15 PM

    • Coffeepreneur® Mindset + Business Ecosystem
    • Comprehensive Coffee Shop Business Planning
    • Comprehensive Coffee Business Launch Strategy
    • Q&A Session

Course Overview

Coffee Business Topics & Resources:

  • Becoming a Coffeepreneur® – The Mindset + Ecosystem for Success
  • How to Open a Coffee Shop – A Detailed Step-by-Step Roadmap
  • Tools for Developing a Sound Coffee Business Concept
  • Beyond Great Coffee & Aesthetics – How to Stand Out + Stay Relevant
  • How to Write a Detailed Coffee Shop Business Plan
  • Sample Coffee Shop 5 Year Financial Plan Spreadsheet (highly detailed)
  • Tools for Projecting Start-Up Investment and Return on Investment
  • Budgeting: Buildout, Rent, Labor, Cost of Goods, Marketing, and Operating Expenses
  • Coffee Shop Growth Strategy
  • Conventional and Unconventional Ways to Obtain Funding
  • Location Selection Based on a Formula, Not a Gut Feeling or Guess
  • Lease Negotiating Tips – Avoiding Common Business Killing Mistakes
  • Sample Lease Language
  • Detailed Coffee Equipment + Supply Lists
  • Mobile Coffee Business Tips + Equipment + Supply Lists + Resources
  • Coffee Roaster and Vendor Recommendations + Contact Info
  • Customer Experience Planning Tips
  • Designing an Efficient Coffee Bar (includes 6 sample coffee bar designs)
  • Tools for Menu Planning (includes sample menu design)
  • Menu Costing (includes detailed sample menu costing spreadsheet and pricing strategy)
  • Coffee House Recipes (includes a full recipe book)
  • Hiring the Right Contractors + Keeping on Schedule/Budget
  • Tools for Interviewing, Hiring and Training, Great Employees
  • A Soft Opening Game Plan 
  • Sample Coffee Shop Management of Operations Manual
  • Sample Coffee Shop Employee Operations Manual
  • Sample Coffee Shop Employee Evaluation Form
  • Inventory Tracking + Waste/Spoilage/Theft Measurement
  • Retail Sales – Tips for Increasing Profitability
  • Marketing Tips + Recommendations
  • Coffee Equipment Calibration Guides
  • Q&A Session
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Barista Training Topics & Resources:

  • The History and Science of Espresso
  • Proper Use and Calibration of Espresso Machine + Grinders
  • Espresso Grinding, Dosing, Distribution, and Tamping
  • Classic Espresso and Milk Based Drink Preparation
  • Milk Science, Steaming, Texturing, and Pouring
  • Espresso Bar Efficiency and Consistency
  • Maintaining an Orderly, Clean Coffee Bar
  • Customer Service Tips
  • Espresso + Coffee Equipment Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance
  • The 6 Essential Elements to Quality Coffee Brewing
  • How to Troubleshoot Poor Tasting Coffee
  • Single Cup Brewing, Batch Brewing & Cold Brew Iced Coffee
  • Tips for Creating Balance Using Flavored Syrups & Sauces
  • Cold Beverage Preparation
  • Elevating Cold Brew + Cold Brew Efficiency
  • Hot + Cold Seasonal Signature Drinks + Recipes
  • Introduction to Tea (Hot + Iced + Sparkling)
  • Proper Cleaning of an Ice Machine
  • Practice Session – Drink Building, Drink Order Efficiency

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more days. more money. more fluff?


Other coffee schools add more days (and more fluff) so they can appear to be offering more. It’s a bitter reality. Instead of drawing our coffee business class over additional days, we keep our course focused on the things that actually matter. This way you save on tuition, hotel, travel, and time. If you are serious about your coffee business, don’t fall for classroom fluff, a tour around a city, and generalized business curriculum with a bunch of up-sell add-on services at the end! Click here to see how we compare.

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3-Day Coffee Business Master Class Cost Breakdown:
Barista Training (Part 1) Espresso – $350.00
Barista Training (Part 2) Milk – $325.00
Foundations of Coffee – $75.00
Coffee Extraction – $350.00
Coffee Brewing Methods – $250.00
Coffeepreneur®  Mindset + Ecosystem for Success – $500.00
Coffee Business Planning + Operations Training Pt. 1 – $500.00
Coffee Business Planning + Operations Training Pt. 2 – $500.00
Live Q&A Session – $150.00

Total Combined Costs: $3000.00 / person