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The Texas Coffee School Story


Are you opening a coffee shop? In need of barista training? Or, are you a home coffee enthusiast interested in consumer coffee classes?

Texas Coffee School has classes geared toward everyone: Entrepreneurs in the process of starting a coffee business, working baristas looking to polish skills, and home coffee enthusiasts alike. We outfit our training centers with state-of-the-art espresso machines and brewing equipment that simulate a real-life cafe environment – making learning easy.

Texas Coffee School, located in Arlington, Texas

Founder & CEO

Tom Vincent

DALLAS, TEXAS – Tom Vincent is the Founder and CEO of Texas Coffee School. Tom has been involved in specialty coffee since 2006 when he set sail on a two-year apprenticeship with a major specialty coffee roasting company. With the help of some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in the coffee industry, Tom learned the business of coffee from the inside out. Inevitably, Tom evolved from a barista to a teaching assistant, and eventually became a specialty coffee business owner himself when he opened Texas Coffee School in 2010. 


Over the last decade our team of in-house educators has grown. Today, Texas Coffee School is comprised of numerous teachers from diverse professional backgrounds who share in Tom’s passion for specialty coffee, entrepreneurship, and mentoring. Our educators have brought their own unique experiences from the specialty coffee industry to our classroom which has helped shape and evolve our program to what it is today. Since 2010, Texas Coffee School’s industry-leading Coffeepreneur® course curriculum has proudly supported hundreds of people in opening their own successful specialty coffee businesses all around the world.

Why Texas Coffee School is the Best

We have the absolute best (success proven) teaching system in the industry. This is no accident. We hold ourselves to a significantly higher quality standard than the rest. One example of this is our teachers, who must successfully complete hundreds of hours of internal training before they are able to lead a class of students! No other company or organization in this industry holds themselves to this standard! For us “industry standard” is another way of saying “the bare minimum level of acceptable effort.” At Texas Coffee School, we are never satisfied with the industry status quo. Our highly skilled educators are able adapt to different mixes of learning styles in the classroom and can distill extremely technical information so it is easy to understand.

As the specialty coffee industry evolves, so do we. We constantly focus on improving our system: including teaching methodology, communication style, and our training environment. By holding ourselves accountable for being the best at what we do and delivering the best learning experience possible, we believe it directly translates to our students’ successes. Don’t just take our word for it… Read reviews from real students and see for yourself!

Looking for Consumer Coffee Classes?

Texas Coffee School can provide the education and training you desire to further your skills as a home barista. No experience necessary! We suggest starting with our Espresso & Milk Skills Class or Quality Coffee Brewing class. Both of these classes are great for home enthusiasts and coffee professionals alike! We keep our coffee class sizes smaller than you will find elsewhere. We do this because we genuinely want to help you succeed! Your success is always our honest bottom line goal!

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