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Texas Coffee School Reviews
Texas Coffee School has a proven record of satisfied students. Each student receives hands on experience and valuable coffee education.  Read about how our students consider Texas coffee School as one of the best investments for their new coffee business.

I attended the coffee business class this weekend and it was the best investment I could have made in preparing to start my own business! So wonderful and informative. I worried initially how much I would get out of the class since I am in the earliest stages of wanting to open my own coffee shop, but it was such a detailed and complete roadmap to starting the business. I left feeling inspired and educated! The staff was great and they did not sugar coat the realities of starting a business. However, they were still so encouraging and walked us though the WHOLE process. We learned how to make our coffee to the highest standard of excellence and there was a lot of time to practice the skills. If you are seriously wanting to open a coffee shop, take this class! You will have no regrets- it’s worth every penny! Thanks you guys!


Hi TCS Team, I hope this note finds you well now that this pandemic is finally coming to an end. I wanted to share with you that our shop, Stylus & Crate, was the Peoples Choice Winner for “Best New Coffee House” in Denver by the readers of Westword. It has been a long and challenging year for all of us, and it means so much to have the people you serve vote for you and recognize you for your efforts.

It goes without saying that the foundation that you provided at Texas Coffee School was a big reason for our success, not just to survive opening in the middle of a pandemic but to thriving in the market we serve. For that, I am very grateful! What was more of a curiosity or exploratory mission when I first took you class, it turned out to be the best investment I could have made and was the perfect platform to build from to bring Stylus & Crate to life.

So thank you! You have a huge fan of Texas Coffee School here in Colorado.

Tadd Overstreet OWNER/OPERATOR   |   STYLUS & CRATE   |   DENVER, CO

I debated back and forth for quite a while before signing up for the 3-day coffee business class. If you’re in the same position, trying to decide whether or not to take the class, sign up now!! The amount of money that you’ll both save and make from taking this class far exceeds the amount you’ll pay for registration. The information they share during this class is very thorough and is based not only in an extensive amount of experience but also in research and data. Our instructors were also fantastic! They covered all aspects of coffee equipment and making the perfect coffee, espresso drinks, and teas. To anyone, at any stage of the process of opening your own coffee business, I cannot recommend highly enough that you take this class. You’ll have so many moments throughout the 3 days that you’ll think to yourself “I’m so glad I decided to come!”.


The 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class was a first class experience! The effort and level of detail the team at Texas Coffee School put into our education was profound. I’ve sat in many classrooms and I’ve been an educator myself, so I can say from experience that the professionalism of these coffee educators is unmatched in my opinion. I learned so much about coffee, coffee shops, the coffee business, and coffee education. After attending Texas Coffee School I certainly feel more equipped to dive deeper into my passions and share it with those around me.


I flew out to Texas and attended Texas Coffee School because I’m in the process of starting my own mobile organic coffee and juice bar, and I wanted to learn the coffee business and espresso fundamentals. The combination of classroom learning and hands-on training was perfect for me.

The class size was small and they have a wide variety of the latest equipment. They have a light-hearted way of delivering a ton of valuable information. They gear the course to the needs of each student and definitely welcome questions. It was well worth the investment!


Educational courses can often leave one thinking, “This is dragging on way too long.” The staff at Texas Coffee School masterfully showcased their expertise and professionalism through their brilliantly concise and defined 3 day course. My initial thought of how short 3 days is for the price was quickly put to rest once I sat in class the first day. Only with such unusual and unique life experiences can a teacher use every word with purpose and precision, making this course unmatchable. The packets of information are so detailed and complete, I have no worry of losing any information received. Their instruction far exceeded all expectations. I left Texas Coffee School more inspired than ever and equipped to create my dream. Thank you all so much!

Mary Williams Entrepreneur   |   OPENING A COFFEE SHOP   |   Ore City, TX

So much BANG for your BUCK! Certainly worth every penny. I’m a small business owner who runs an ice cream business in Houston. We’ve been in business for 3 years and wanted to expand the menu to feature coffee and other beverages for our flagship location. Thought I was walking into a general introduction to barista training, but it ended up being a well-rounded program from A-Z on how to start and run your very own small business. The game plan they prepared can be applied to almost any type of small business start up. I appreciated the attention to detail in his lesson planning. THEY PRACTICALLY WROTE UP A COMPLETE BUSINESS PLAN for you with STATS and NUMBERS from successful coffee shop models. Not only did I learn barista basics, I now feel confident with taking my business to the next level! A+++ STELLAR!


I came to the Texas Coffee School with no background or experience in coffee (other than drinking it and enjoying some good coffee shops). My three days in the coffee business master class exceeded my expectations. The team’s communication of their experience and knowledge was clear and made learning the concepts so easy. I came to the school with a business idea I wasn’t positive would work (small towns are interesting places to start businesses). I left the class confident the idea could work and with enough practical information to start the business. Thanks for everything you guys!


Oddfellows has benefitted greatly from working with Texas Coffee School. We could not more heartily recommend their services and training. They have been an incredible source of wisdom and knowledge as it relates to business advice, coffee sourcing, espresso, brewing methods, program philosophy, and helping us build a strong coffee culture from within. Oddfellows was recently reviewed in D Magazine as having the ‘Best Coffee in Dallas‘; Texas Coffee School has been a critical part of the success of our coffee program and the skill of our baristas!

Chad Sepulveda Owner/Operator   |   Oddfellows   |   Dallas, Texas

I traveled 2,033 miles to attend the Three Day Coffee Business Class. I spent five days in a new city. This added up to a decent sized investment in learning the in and outs of the specialty coffee industry.  AND….it was many many times worth it. I really can not imagine embarking on my new business without the knowledge and road map presented to me at the Texas Coffee School.  The instruction is top notch, the facilities are great, but most importantly Tom Vincent and his staff obviously care about the success and well being of the students. It goes beyond knowledge and instruction and is inspiring to learn the lessons and concepts presented. If you are on the fence about the investment, do not think twice, it is a must have step in your business journey.

Marv Johnson OWNER/OPERATOR   |   CAPITOLA COFFEE   |   Portland, Oregon

Attending this class in preparation for opening a coffee shop was the best decision we could have made. The course is EXTREMELY thorough and covers all of the bumps in the road you will face as you try to open a business. They provide so many resources, tips, insights and advice, the material they sent us home with is my go-to for every question I have, and it does not disappoint. Without this class, I would have made so many terrible decisions and so many things would have fallen through the cracks. If you don’t know where to start — START HERE, you will not regret it. Thank you all, I’ll be sending my husband ASAP.

Maggie Lansford Owner/Operator   |   Blackwater Coffee Co   |   Clovis, New Mexico

Thank you for all of the help that you provided us through attending your coffee business class in December. I honestly think that without all of the tools and training provided to us by attending Texas Coffee School we would not have been nearly as prepared as we were to open. All of the small details helped so much including learning about the different brewing techniques, the importance of water filtration, coffee to water ratios, the best equipment, and how to set up the shop. The information that you provided us to take home was invaluable. We refer back to our books on almost a daily basis, and prior to opening it was my bible, so to speak. It went everywhere with me in a binder so that I could make sure that I was ordering everything we needed and getting the menus done right.

We opened on March 15th, and luckily took your advice and did a soft opening so that we were able to handle the crowd. Of course there were a few hiccups that first week, but it has been smooth since then. The community was really excited to see us open since we are the only coffee shop for a hundred miles. We have had wonderful steady business since opening and I honestly attribute that to attending your school, we learned so much from you which helped us do this right, train our employees right and make great drinks consistently, which keeps our customers coming back. We have even been featured as the SBA’s small business of the quarter, and an article written about us in SEA/Life a local magazine in South East Arkansas.

If you ever happen to be in the area we would love for you all to stop by, so that we can thank you in person. We tell everyone we can about your school, so maybe others will come out and attend. We even had a few that don’t want to open a coffee shop, but want to just attend to learn more about the wonderful world of coffee.

Let us know if we can ever do anything for you all. We really appreciate everything you have taught and provided us.

Annette Taylor Owner/Operator   |   Monticello Coffee Company   |   Monticello, Arkansas

So I have spent 6 years in undergrad, 4 years in veterinary school, the past 12 years of continuing education in my profession and I can honestly say this was one of the best classes I have ever taken.

This is a serious class but also very nice because of the low number of students per class. I’ve been watching their website and Facebook page for a year as I’m skeptical of what’s out there. I’m so glad I took the plunge and invested in the 3 day course on opening a coffee shop business. The course was more than complete for the amount of information that is covered in 3 days. As a small business owner myself, I appreciate what Tom has achieved and the quality that he expects his business to have. They stress the importance of what will make or break a business as well as the benefits of a business. They stress the importance of hard work. When you leave this class you definitely have everything you will need to start a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter what level of coffee shop you strive to own, you are taken care of with this class. I highly recommend this class.

The whole staff were awesome at spending a lot of time teaching us all about coffee, how to use the machines, cleaning the machines and how to make perfect coffee at a level that most are not used to. Everything you can imagine on how to make great specialty drinks are covered. They are very patient and fun to work with and learn from.

They also spend time explaining the ins and outs of the coffee business from the farm to the cup.

This is a full day everyday and intense course that covers A LOT of material. The good thing is you get to drink awesome coffee all day. You will get what you pay for out of this class and then some.


Easily the best investment I have made in my entrepreneurial career… And I went to school for it. The program is set up to build confidence in preparation and provide excellent resources so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for setting up a coffee shop (or any business for that matter). This is a worthwhile investment 150%. I was hesitant about spending that amount for registration but I honestly feel I made my money back in the first 4 hours. They gave us some tips that I plugged into my financial plan and it saved me about $4,000 BOOM!


It took me several weeks to decide to attend the three day coffee business class. Not knowing much about coffee or the coffee business I went in with an open mind. After the three days I truly believe that this class is going to be the greatest investment in my journey to opening my coffee shop. The material we got was worth it’s weight in gold. The instructors are great and they are super nice. They will teach you everything you need to know to open and run a coffee shop. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family I want to say thank you all. I will definitely be sending my future employees to the barista training. Hope to see you soon!


My husband & I both attended (the 3-Day Coffee Business Class) – COMPLETELY worth the investment – I have never seen so much attention detail! I believe no stone was left unturned – volumes of information on every aspect, but so organized and easy to follow I left equipped to zero in on our purpose – the heavy lifting of the business details were literally in my hands when we left – I am genuinely more excited than I though possible to move forward with plans to open my own shop!

Brenda Vandersee ENTREPRENEUR   |   OPENING A COFFEE SHOP   |   Waterloo, Iowa

If you’re looking for a place to get clarity and understanding about coffee and entrepreneurship, Texas Coffee School is the place to attend. There was so much great information shared with us at Texas Coffee School. It blows my mind the amount of knowledge we gained about coffee and business operations in such a short amount of time. We came there to get clarification on some things that we had researched about opening a coffee cafe and they did not disappoint, that objective was obtained. Not only that, we left with so much more… We feel confident about taking the journey to becoming “coffeepreneurs!” We look forward to bringing our team back for your barista training course. You guys are awesome!


My two sisters and I learned everything we needed to know to open a coffee shop in a small town–Locust Grove, Oklahoma. The whole team at Texas Coffee School are excellent teachers. Not only did we learn how to make a superb cup of coffee, we learned how to make our business successful. The handouts, demonstrations, and practice were invaluable lessons in being the best we can be. We have only been in operation for two years and are being honored with the Oklahoma Governor’s Arts Award for supporting the arts in business. We offer free art entertainment by partnering with the Locust Grove Arts Alliance, and our place has become a place of “wonder” for the community. Our motto is “Community by the Cup,” and we try to follow it everyday. Thanks, again, all of you, for being the best of teachers in the best of businesses! Wonder City Coffee, Kelly Palmer, Shaun Perkins, Roxann Yates.

Roxann Yates Owner/Operator   |   Wonder City Coffee   |   Locust Grove, OK

My dream has always been to open a coffee shop, so I decided to look for a course to educate myself about coffee and the business. I decided to attend a three day class at Texas Coffee School. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was an intense, hands on class. The mentors are professional and are deeply knowledgeable. I totally recommend this class even if you are not opening a business, there are other classes offered for coffee enthusiasts. I am definitely coming back for a managerial course. THANK YOU, TEXAS COFFEE SCHOOL!


Attending the Texas Coffee School was a game changer for me, and across a very broad spectrum at that. I left informed, inspired, and with a wealth of business hand outs and information that alone would be worth the cost of the class. If becoming an entrepreneur and running your own coffee shop is your dream and your destiny, and you have the passion and drive that will be necessary to see that fulfilled, then this class will almost certainly be a game changer for you as well and push you closer to that goal by leaps and bounds.

Thank you guys for your inspired approach! I eagerly look forward to showing what I can do with what they have given me!


Every question I had about the ins and outs of opening a coffee shop were answered at the Texas Coffee School. The instructors took time to answer every question and allowed us to practice as much as we needed. The amount of time and knowledge that was put into this course that is given to it’s students is outstanding. I would have never learned any of this on my own. Texas Coffee School genuinely wants you to succeed and gives you every bit of information to do so. Thank you so much for this class.

Regan Killman ENTREPRENEUR   |   OPENING A COFFEE SHOP   |   Canton, Oklahoma

Your 3-Day Coffee Business Training was the most valuable training I could have taken to get me on the path to launching my new business. I can’t imagine anyone trying to do this without your instruction!  Without the information I got there, I’m not sure this business would have been successful.  Thank you!


I am so blown away by the outstanding class that Texas Coffee School has put together! The information and hands on experience is amazing and second to none! I left this class with overwhelming confidence about going forward with my plans of opening a first class roasting/coffee shop! I hope to see them again real soon as I will have my baristas attending their school for training! Love love!

Rob Wilson Owner/Operator   |   Yellow Dog Coffee Company   |   Norman, Oklahoma

I just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing three day coffee business workshop!  Your course impressed us so much because you didn’t hold back on breaking down each subcategory in painstaking detail. You could have easily breezed passed many of the details and steps you delineated on, but you didn’t. THANKS! Having you break it down in such a concise manner REALLY brought clarity to us and having it organized and structured on paper was absolutely priceless. It was clear that you spent hundreds of hours structuring your lectures and compiling all those amazing resources. We had such a great time! It challenged us and it forged and even deeper respect for the craft! Thanks so much!

David Salinas Founder   |   Department of Brewology   |   Austin, Texas

I am so glad I went to Texas Coffee School. I came in with high expectations, and left with more knowledge and new ideas than I ever expected. The coffee business course is highly detailed, and is set up where it has lots of relative information for today’s industry. The staff is very friendly and most importantly, truthful. They help you with your individual concept and also give helpful hints through their collective years of experience and research within the coffee industry. The whole instructor staff are passionate and very knowledgeable about every aspect of coffee, processes, and especially the business side of things. I flew in all the way from California, and the knowledge I gained was worth every penny! Thanks again!

RANDALL LEUNG Entrepreneur   |   OPENING A COFFEE SHOP   |   Los Angeles, California

After several months of research, planning, and sleepless nights, me and my business partner were finding it difficult to find solid information regarding opening a coffee shop. Texas Coffee School propelled our business further in 3 days than our own work had done in the past 4 months! From coffee preparation to business operations, the Texas Coffee School has it all! If you are opening a coffee shop, I recommend it highly!


I was fairly new to the specialty coffee industry, and on a scale of 1 (extreme beginner) to 10 (coffee connoisseur), I would say that I was a 2.  Being that I was a newbie to the specialty coffee world, I am so grateful and glad that I went to Texas Coffee School, it was such an eye opener! The 3-day coffee business class was jam packed with great information, research, and techniques. I came back to Albuquerque with all cylinders running full of ideas to implement into my business. I feel that taking the 3-day business class was the best investment I have made in my pursuit to starting a coffee shop.

Nicole Turrietta Entrepreneur   |   OPENING A COFFEE SHOP   |   Albuquerque, New Mexico

My husband and I had an excellent experience at Texas Coffee school. Their passion for the coffee industry is easy to see which made the time fly by.

The biggest thing we appreciated was their honestly about factors to consider when seriously thinking about opening a business. They did not sugar coat the facts and gave us helpful outlines to consider when working with lawyers, real estate agents, and banks.

We appreciated their extremely high standard for quality and consistency when it comes to preparing coffee & selecting beans. The staff was very down to earth and helped answer all of the questions we had.

We would definitely recommend the course to a friend. If you are seriously considering opening a coffee shop, this will be the best investment you could make before getting started.


Texas Coffee School’s two-day Barista training class has left a lasting impact. Almost a year ago, I flew out to Texas to take the class, and the take-away is still as fresh today as it was the day of the class. As a home enthusiast, I was keen to learn technique, which was very well covered over those two days. Though unexpectedly, the experience fundamentally changed how I now think about coffee preparation. Tom’s no-dogma approach to teaching a comprehensive array of brewing methods taught me how to select the brew technique that will bring out the best in a particular coffee. To this day, I still use the knowledge gained from the class’s coffee extraction experiments in critiquing my brew method choices and troubleshooting my brews and espresso extractions.

Gabe Herz Founding Partner   |   Cold Bruer   |   Santa Cruz, California

After attending the coffee business class at Texas Coffee School, my motivation to open a coffee shop is completely reaffirmed, and I’ve come away with a confidence in knowing I have a fundamentally sound foundation. Texas Coffee School’s approach to educating students enables business owner’s to set themselves apart from any other entrepreneur in any market. Their knowledge and expertise in the industry is invaluable and undoubtedly necessary. I can’t express enough how imperative attending this school truly is. With the highest level of recommendation one can offer, I’m thankful to Tom and his school.

Katerina Buchanan Entrepreneur   |   Opening a coffee shop   |   York, Pennsylvania

I love coffee and always wanted to open a coffee bar. I attended the Texas Coffee School coffee business course, and it was a real reality check! I had no idea how much there is to learn about coffee! I’m thankful I attended this course, because without it, I was 100% going to fail! Any barista that is employed by me, and I don’t care which coffee bar they previously worked at, will be trained by Texas Coffee School!


I really wanted to stay in Texas for my coffee business training and was very excited to hear about Texas Coffee School. I really enjoyed the small class size which made it feel more intimate and personal. Also, Tom was great at explaining things he taught and breaking them down into easy to understand processes. The coffee business course is detailed and unfiltered, which I really appreciated! I definitely feel like I built a strong foundation which will help me successfully achieve my dream.

Charles Gonzalez Owner/Operator   |   Rosella Coffee Company   |   San Antonio, Texas

When I signed up for the 3-day coffee business class, I had no idea what to expect. However, I knew it would be an important part in our coffee shop planning phase. We have a little time before we open our shop, but I wanted to learn everything I could beforehand so we do not waste a lot of money along the way. I was very pleased with my experience, Tom’s passion for coffee and teaching shines brightly. I loved learning about coffee cupping and the brewing techniques and I am excited to share this knowledge through hosting our own shop events! I never felt overwhelmed, only excited… Maybe because we had plenty of time – and caffeine to help absorb all the knowledge being shared. 🙂 It was an all around great experience and not to mention the cows in the pasture next to the school…lol. What more could you ask for from Texas Coffee School?!

UPDATE: Hey Tom! I officially opened Glory Bean Coffee Company this past Thursday and we have had wonderful support from our community! Thank you for teaching me about coffee and providing all the information that I needed to get the business going! Your program is wonderful!!!

Tammy Alexander Owner/Operator   |   Glory Bean Coffee Co.   |   East Bernard, Texas

Thanks for your invaluable 3 day business class! Our doors are open and we are receiving an outstanding response from our customers… They are loving it. Success is never guaranteed when opening a business, but your class definitely increases those odds! Thanks again!

Jason Siegel Owner/Operator   |   The Daily Dose   |   St. Louis, Missouri

After purchasing an espresso machine and grinder for home use, I realized that I needed to develop the skills to make proper espresso and milk-based drinks. Texas Coffee School taught me exactly what I needed to learn so I could get the most out of my home machine. Tom’s passion for coffee and desire to share his knowledge was evident in the first few minutes of class. The classes are fun and relaxed, with the perfect blend of instruction and hands-on training so you can understand exactly what to do, why each step is important, and how to troubleshoot, if needed. Using Tom’s training and latte art techniques, I now make drinks at home that not only taste good, but they look appealing as well. Thanks a bunch Tom!

Aaron Forester Home Barista & Coffee Enthusiast   |   Plano, Texas

My partner and I attended the Texas Coffee School three day coffee business workshop in March, 2011. All I can say is that this class completely changed my views of coffee and has opened my eyes to a whole new world! I never realized how much knowledge and skill was necessary to make a perfect cup of espresso. I learned so much more than I ever imagined!


I can’t thank Tom enough for everything I learned. The business information he shared was amazingly detailed! He is a wonderful teacher, and such a nice person to deal with. He has lots of experience, is very organized and precise, and most of all, he is passionate about what he does, and it shows. I would recommend this workshop to anyone, whether they are in the coffee business or just want to know more about coffee. You will NOT regret it!

Silvia Bertolazz Owner/Operator   |   Carpe Diem Espresso Bar   |   Lafayette, Louisiana

The coffee business class was wonderful! It gave me a whole new perspective! The class material is very in depth and at the same time entertaining and easy to understand. The progressive thinking and passion for coffee, I believe, will give any company a significant competitive edge!

Jared Zatorski Entrepreneur   |   Opening a coffee shop   |   Portales, New Mexico

Hey guys! Last week’s two day barista training was pretty kick ass! It exceeded my expectations in every way. Your passion and expertise were great to learn from. It only stoked my own passion for espresso and specialty coffee even more.”

“In thinking about everything I learned, I don’t want just any barista gig now. I want to do it at a coffee shop that really cares about brewing excellent coffee.

Colin Hanna Barista   |   Denton, Texas

I too went to Texas Coffee School. Tom is very passionate about teaching ways to make coffee the best that it can be. I never realized how much went in to making a great cup of coffee and Tom taught me that.

I am in the process of opening my own coffee shop, and I know it will be better than we ever imagined now that I have trained at Texas Coffee School. Thanks Tom!

RaeNell Barham Entrepreneur   |   Opening a coffee shop   |   Melissa, Texas

I’m so glad I went to Texas Coffee School! I’ve taken every class they offer now and I have come away more passionate and energized about coffee than I ever though possible. This experience has truly been a blessing!

Tom, gave me the knowledge I needed to better myself as a home barista and his classes taught me how to appreciate coffee in a whole new light. I was amazed how a few very simple steps can drastically improve my everyday coffee brewing and enhance the pleasure of drinking it!

Thank you so much!

Nelu Cimpean Home Barista & Coffee Enthusiast   |   Aubrey, Texas

I loved the size of the classes at Texas Coffee School because it made it very personal and easy to learn. Tom answered all my questions no matter how small or silly they probably seemed. I loved that he went through everything in such detail before we put the steps into action ourselves. This made it much easier to understand! I also loved that Tom not only showed us how to do everything step-by-step, but the also showed us why each step was important. Tom was also always open to let us practice as much as we needed until we were comfortable before moving on. This was a great experience!

Thank you so much Tom!

Jessica Payne Barista   |   The Original Pancake House   |   Addison, Texas

Texas Coffee School strives to make coffee education accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level. Tom’s passion for excellence in coffee shines through during his presentations, which are a perfect balance between lecture and hands-on practical application. Tom is a gifted teacher and his coffee labs/experiments are as fun as they are interesting!

I came to Texas Coffee School with a pretty good foundation in espresso and milk as a home enthusiast. Tom’s classes increased both my academic knowledge and practical skills in espresso extraction and milk texturing. If my skills were “OK” before…they are ‘excellent’ now. I now feel that I can confidently build cafe quality drinks and pour latte art using the equipment I have at home. Aside from the Espresso Class, I also gained a much deeper appreciation for coffee through the Quality Coffee Brewing Class. I now regularly brew my coffee using the vacuum brewing method I learned.

Theron Georges Home Barista & Coffee Enthusiast   |   Fort Worth, Texas

I attended the three day coffee business class with little previous knowledge of the aspects that drive the specialty coffee industry. Soon after beginning the barista training classes, I developed a whole new appreciation for the art and passion of coffee enthusiasts. I also learned the value in using high quality coffees and the proper methods for preparing them. Tom was very informative and took the time to make sure I understood each method thoroughly before moving to the next step. It was a great experience for me and I highly recommend it!

Lisa Johnson Owner/Operator   |   Cimmy Rolls Coffee House   |   Farmersville, Texas

As an athlete, it took me years to learn how to optimize my racing. I recently passed my knowledge and experience on to a close friend and he almost immediately started winning medals, without all the pain and hardship from ‘learning the hard way.’


Now I’m the lucky one, being in this awesome class with a person that really knows what he’s doing. (Plus he’s a mountain biker – that’s extra point’s for him!)


I’m double excited with this new knowledge! I’m positive this coffee business class will be a key factor in the success of my new cafe.

Gracias Tom!

Armando Guerrero Entrepreneur   |   Opening a coffee shop   |   Dallas, Texas

The Texas Coffee School 2-day barista workshop has been a very enlightening experience! I had no idea there were so many factors that could affect the quality of a cup of coffee! I have a very different perspective on the coffee industry as a whole now! Keep up the great work training our baristas, Tom!

Andre Crag Manager   |   The Original Pancake House   |   Addison, Texas

Essentially, I came in with only a little background and knowledge in coffee. I had a love for coffee and was up to taking on a new challenge and profession. In the 3 days I spent in Texas, I was given a wealth of information and hands on and personal training. I felt a lot of support from Tom and left with a confidence to use all I learned to build a successful business. Thanks again Tom!


Pam Webb Owner/Operator   |   Grounded   |   Clarion, Iowa

The 3 day business course was very informational and I left with a lot of knowledge and confidence that will save us a lot of money – well more than we spent to take the class! I was also very impressed with how well organized each class presentation was! It was great, and we had lots of fun! Thanks for everything Tom!

Scott Brown Owner/Operator   |   Off The Tracks Coffee Co.   |   Joplin, Missouri

I have really enjoyed the classes! The knowledge taught is going to save us hours of headache and thousands of dollars! Thanks so much Tom! We are very pleased with what we came away with, and we are positive it will help us become successful in our new coffee shop drive through business!

Christine Cadwell Owner/Operator   |   Off The Tracks Coffee Co.   |   Joplin, Missouri