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Online Access To Our Coffee Business Education

This live streaming, live taught, online format of our coffee business curriculum is an entrepreneur’s roadmap for how to open a coffee shop business. This 1-day coffee business launch workshop serves as a way to set your business in motion and to access the most vital business information, resources, and strategies from our Coffee Business Master Class directly from your computer, tablet, or phone. We trimmed out the hands-on coffee education & barista training and kept the vital business aspects fully intact. It’s easy access, detailed, and includes the same live Q&A, class notes, and resources you’d get in our classroom.

Business Planning, Strategies, & Resources With Detailed Explanation

Sometimes, getting started can be the hardest part. This 1-day online class is designed to jumpstart your idea and put it into motion! We have a full-time team of pro coffee business educators on staff who are experts at keeping your class fun and engaging. You will learn everything from how to write a coffee shop business plan, to projecting start-up costs, to finding the right location, to raising capital, to lease negotiations, to budgeting, to selecting equipment, to menu planning, to hiring, to marketing, to inventory – and so much more! And it’s not just the education you walk away with, but our infamously detailed and comprehensive binder of coffee business resources too! It’s full of detailed class notes, business planning guides, shop layouts, equipment & vendor lists, an operations manual, and financial planning documents to keep you on track every step of the way. 

Focused. Convenient. Effective.

With over a decade of experience helping people open and grow successful coffee shop businesses, we understand exactly what matters. We also know what doesn’t work. Our content is focused, no-fluff, and immediately actionable. This class is the fastest way to get from “How do I open a coffee shop?” through the entire business start-up phase.


Total Price – $1,600 per person

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Class Time + Break Schedule + Streaming Requirements

  • Class Time

    9:00 AM – 4:30 PM (Central Time)

    • We will email your login info credentials the week of the class, and assist if needed
    • Please log in 10 minutes early on the day of the class
  • Break Schedule

    • Break 1 -

      10:30am - 10:45am (Central)
    • Lunch -

      12:00pm - 12:30pm (Central)
    • Break 3 -

      2:00pm - 2:10pm (Central)
    • Break 4 -

      3:00pm - 3:10pm (Central)
  • Streaming Requirements

    • Computer, Tablet, or Phone w/ Microphone + Speakers or Headphones (webcam optional)
    • Reliable Broadband Internet Connection
    • Quiet Location Free From Distractions

Course Overview

Online Class Topics & Resources:

  • Becoming a Coffeepreneur® – The Mindset + Ecosystem for Success
  • How to Open a Coffee Shop – A Detailed Step-by-Step Roadmap
  • Tools for Developing a Sound Coffee Business Concept
  • Beyond Great Coffee & Aesthetics – How to Stand Out + Stay Relevant
  • How to Write a Detailed Coffee Shop Business Plan
  • Sample Coffee Shop 5 Year Financial Plan Spreadsheet (highly detailed)
  • Tools for Projecting Start-Up Investment and Return on Investment
  • Budgeting: Buildout, Rent, Labor, Cost of Goods, Marketing, and Operating Expenses
  • Coffee Shop Growth Strategy
  • Conventional and Unconventional Ways to Obtain Funding
  • Location Selection Based on a Formula, Not a Gut Feeling or Guess
  • Lease Negotiating Tips – Avoiding Common Business Killing Mistakes
  • Detailed Coffee Equipment + Supply Lists
  • Coffee Roaster and Vendor Recommendations + Contact Info
  • Customer Experience Planning Tips
  • Designing an Efficient Coffee Bar (includes 5 sample coffee bar designs)
  • Tools for Menu Planing (includes sample menu design)
  • Menu Costing (includes detailed sample menu costing spreadsheet and pricing strategy)
  • Coffee House Recipes (includes a full recipe book)
  • Hiring the Right Contractors + Keeping on Schedule/Budget
  • Tools for Interviewing, Hiring and Training, Great Employees
  • A Soft Opening Game Plan
  • Sample Coffee Shop Management of Operations Manual
  • Sample Coffee Shop Employee Operations Manual
  • Sample Coffee Shop Employee Evaluation Form
  • Inventory Tracking Resources + Recommendations
  • Retail Sales – Tips for Increasing Profitability
  • Marketing Tips + Recommendations
  • Coffee Equipment Calibration Guides
  • Q&A Session
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1-Day How To Open A Coffee Shop Business Online Class Cost Breakdown:
Coffee Business Ecosystem Mindset/Strategy Coaching  – $500.00
Coffee Business Planning + Operations Training Pt. 1 – $500.00
Coffee Business Planning + Operations Training Pt. 2 – $500.00
Live Q&A Session – $100.00

Total Combined Costs: $1600.00 / person