Support Independent Coffee Shops this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice, gingerbread, peppermint, and one specific coffee chain’s annual holiday cups. But for many Coffeepreneurs® and their independent coffee shops, the holidays are different. This is a time to focus on serving local neighborhoods, building community, and planning for another year of business. 

Independent coffee shop owners are hard at work this time of year. They’re planning seasonal menus, confronting staffing challenges, and joining in community events. This holiday season, we encourage our community to support local. After all, at Texas Coffee School, we believe small businesses power our communities. 

The Important Role of Independent Coffee Shops in Our Communities

Independent coffee shops play an irreplaceable role in our communities. Here are some of the benefits of your favorite local cafe, and why we should work to support them: 

woman sitting outdoors at a cafe table with coffee

Local coffee shops are likely to partner with local businesses and organizations:

Coffee shops have a way of becoming catalysts for new connections. Since so many are focused on building community, they commit to partnering with local artists, musicians, nonprofits, schools, and other small businesses. Spending an afternoon at a local coffee shop rather than a national chain is typically a great way to feel connected to like minded people in your community. 

And at the holidays, we often find our local coffee shops out in the communities themselves. They’re often the ones catering events, donating carafes, and warming hands at holiday events. 

Independent cafes are catered to fit neighborhood and community needs

Many Coffeepreneurs® design their business concepts to fill a void in their communities. Perhaps a neighborhood lacks a great place for families, a work space, or a drive thru. Thoughtful entrepreneurs work to meet the needs of their local community. And, they often do so in innovative ways that add value to the neighborhoods they’re in. Want some examples? Check out the way these coffee shops have brought something unique to their communities:

  • Oak Cliff Coffee, read more here
  • Beanstalk Coffee and Sno, read more here
  • Pop’s Coffee Company, read more here

Small businesses bring people together

Many of the students who sign up for our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class have a similar reason for wanting to start a coffee shop. They want to create a gathering space that brings people together. They know that creating community is meaningful work; it’s their purpose and their “why.” 

More often than not, our students carry out this vision. Local coffee shops become meeting places for local small businesses and nonprofits. They’re gathering spots for friends and neighbors. They often host the team after a game, fuel a company’s lunch breaks, or become a good place for two people to meet for the first time. With the right planning and focus, independent coffee shop owners can create something meaningful for the people they serve. 

5 Ways to Support Independent Coffee Shops During the Holidays

It’s easy to understand the importance of independent coffee shops. That’s why we want to do all we can to show them our support this holiday season. Here are five simple ways to support your local coffee shop, roaster, or business this year: 

people ordering coffee at walk up window

  • Choose local: It’s simple. Commit to choosing local for your favorite seasonal latte and pastry this year. Whether you’re shopping, running, holiday errands, or looking for an afternoon work spot, opt to support a small business owner. 
  • Give the gift of coffee: Coffee is the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a teacher. Give a gift card to a local shop, merchandise, or a 12oz bag of whole bean coffee from a local roaster. 
  • Attend events: Support your local coffee shop’s holiday festivities this year, whether it’s a grand opening, live music, or trivia night. 
  • Support on social: Small businesses thrive on word of mouth. Share their news and events on social media or write a rave review. It’s a great way to give back.  
  • Become a partner: Are you hosting an event or running a meeting? Choose a local coffee business to cater or supply the coffee. 

Want to become an independent coffee shop owner? 

What a meaningful way to make a difference in your community! Sign up for our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class to learn everything you need to know about opening a successful coffee shop.

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