Galindo’s Is the Hybrid Business Model of Tomorrow

Galindo’s, owned by Coffeepreneurs® Zak and Sophie Galindo, has something for everyone. You can bring your family in for haircuts, aesthetic services, and–our personal favorite–great coffee. They’re mastering the hybrid business model, where multiple streams of revenue live under one roof.

We sat down with Zak and Sophie to peek behind the curtain of the Galindo’s brand.

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How the Galindo’s Empire Was Built

Galindo's barber shopThe Galindo’s empire began with haircuts. But when Zak Galindo opened the first barber shop in Magnolia, Texas, in 2016, he had a lofty vision: to leave a legacy.

“Barbering was something I was really good at, and I was able to connect with people,” Zak says. “I wanted to build a community and leave a legacy for our future kids.”

Zak’s business quickly outgrew the space in Magnolia, so he opened up a second location. Then they outgrew that space. Finally, Galindo’s Barbershop landed in a location three times the original size–which is now their current venue in Conroe, Texas.

Galindo's AestheticsSophie was an aesthetician for 13 years before she started offering her aesthetic services out of the first barber shop. She now runs Galindo Aesthetics in the new location. Given the building’s size, they also offer five studio rooms available for rent to other spa practices.

But even with two businesses–the barber shop and spa–operating in the new location, there was room for more. And Zak and Sophie had an idea. They’d always wanted to open a coffee shop, as coffee is something the couple bonds over.

“In the morning, the first thing we do is share a cup of coffee,” Zak says with a smile.

The barber shop was Zak’s baby and the spa was Sophie’s, but they wanted to start something together. When the Galindo’s business moved into the big new space, they realized a coffee shop made perfect sense.

“Coffee is about building community,” Zak shares. “It’s the perfect complement.”

Launching a Coffee Program With Texas Coffee School

Zak and Sophie attended Texas Coffee School, one of the best coffee schools, in 2020 when they were dreaming about a standalone coffee shop. Little did they know, their coffee education would translate smoothly to their new hybrid model.

Galindo's Texas Coffee School

Zak and Sophie at Texas Coffee School in 2020 before the launch of their coffee shop in 2022.

In the 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class, the couple created a business plan with sales projections. They learned how to brew and make excellent coffee. And they walked away with what Sophie calls their “coffee bible”–the 200+ page binder filled with class notes, spreadsheets, cafe designs, an operations manual, and more that every student takes home from the Texas Coffee School 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class.

“If we hadn’t gone to Texas Coffee School, we would’ve had to learn about the finances the hard way,” Zak explains.

He gained knowledge about costs of goods sold, menu pricing, sourcing beans, and buying good equipment. Best of all, he worked with Tom and Anna, our experienced teachers, to develop conservative sales projections to see if the idea would be profitable.

Turns out, it was profitable. Since the coffee shop opened in March of 2022, their conservative sales projections have been far exceeded. And business is booming in Conroe, as Galindo’s Coffee Co. is the only good coffee source within a 15-minute radius. They serve customers who come in for a haircut or spa service, but they also welcome plenty of customers who just want to buy a great cup of coffee.

Galindo's Coffee Co.

Galindo’s Coffee Co. uses organic ingredients and brews with high quality coffee that Zak and Sophie carefully select. They joke about how people are surprised that there could be such good coffee inside of a barber shop. But the proof is in the pudding–well, the espresso.

“Everything they taught us at Texas Coffee School has proven true,” Sophie says.

The Benefits and Challenges of a Hybrid Business Model

Running a hybrid business model is not without its challenges. Zak says that supply chain issues, inflation prices, and labor costs have been the most pressing factors. But, since they have diverse streams of revenue that all supplement and promote one another within their hybrid business ecosystem, it insulates them from what many single revenue stream businesses are experiencing right now.

When it comes to adding a coffee program, Galindo’s has become the business of tomorrow. And Zak and Sophie leave no point-of-sale unturned. In addition to their brick-and-mortar coffee shop, they also serve coffee out of a mobile coffee truck at events (along with haircuts). And they offer coffee to go through DoorDash orders.

hybrid business model

Source: Galindo’s Barbershop Facebook

By sharing a customer base with the barber shop and spa and attracting new customers through various mobile truck events, Galindo’s Coffee Co. is quickly growing in brand awareness. And as one Google reviewer writes, “The coffee was outstanding, but the service and conversation was even better!”

Zak and Sophie are building a community around coffee and personal grooming. They’re well on their way to leaving a legacy that their children–and the greater Houston area–will remember. And with the changing future of coffee shops, their hybrid business model is a great example of how to adapt and evolve with the times.

hybrid business model

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