Building Real Community

As Texas Coffee School we celebrates its 14th year, it’s great to see some of our early students still thriving. Brentwood Social House, founded by Suzanne Daniels in 2016, has stood the test of time and become a favorite among the local community.

What really makes Brentwood Social House stand out is its focus on community. Now, ‘community’ is a word that often gets overused. So many businesses say they want to build a community with their brand and their coffee shop, but make little effort to make an authentic personal connection. Brentwood stands out as a true example of fostering strong roots by nurturing and supporting its growing community. 

If you are looking to genuinely create real community with your coffee shop, below are several methods that Brentwood Social House practices to make authentic connections with its audience.

Zero Charge Events

Brentwood consistently hosts events with a zero dollar cover charge. Especially with the challenges of the current economic climate, this offers the local community accessible activities. This offers chances for people to meet and connect over art, music, tarot readings, learning opportunities, and more. It also provides local businesses and artists a chance to meet new clientele.

Family Room and Playground

Brentwood recognized that children can often be disruptive to the overall coffee shop experience many non-parent patrons seek. So, Brentwood created a Family Room where parents can take their young children to play and connect. This area is separate from the rest of the coffee shop, allowing other patrons to still have a traditional coffee house experience. It’s a win-win for parents and non-parents alike! 

The back patio also features an impressive playground fashioned to look like a pirate’s ship!

It can be difficult for parents with young children to get out sometimes. This Family Room offers them a chance to get out and engage with others without requiring them to find and pay for a sitter.

The Quiet Room

Cafes are go-to spots for nomadic workers and students. A lot of people enjoy the hustle and bustle and music playing in public spaces, but for some this can be a huge distraction. Enter the Quiet Room! Anticipating the needs of those more sensitive to overstimulation, the Quiet Room doesn’t play any music and encourages very little talking. This is a perfect space for those who want to be able to get their coffee, engage in conversation, but then retreat into solitude to focus on work or reading.

Free Community Fridge

Just outside the front entrance you’ll find Brentwood’s Free Community Fridge. A place where people can leave fresh food for those in need to take without question or judgment. This concept really helps create a community that looks out for each other and cares for everyone’s wellbeing. 

The fridge is a part of the ATX Free Fridge Project which seeks to “provide free, fresh food to those in need, reduce food waste, and promote a sense of unity within our neighborhood.”

Staff Drink Specials

Every quarter the staff of Brentwood creates a new offering of drink specials. This gives the baristas a platform to shine and promotes conversation with customers over the new, interesting drink specials.

Human engagement, not just sales

Creating a community is more than just offering an aesthetically pleasing environment for customers to buy products from you. Real community is about meaningful engagement, building real relationships, and offering a space for people to come together and build lasting connections. 

To learn more about Brentwood Social House be sure to check out their Instagram! And to learn everything you need to know about opening your own shop, be sure to check out our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class

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