This Commercial Cold Brew Solution Will Change the Game For Your Coffee Shop

With temperatures rising and people stepping out for coffee post-pandemic, cold brew continues to prevail as a favored coffee shop menu item. Coffee shop owners, managers, and baristas attest to the popularity of the smooth chilled beverage, especially among millennials. We like it black, sweetened, bottled, and even infused with nitrogen. 

Making commercial cold brew is typically a slow process. Ground coffee is steeped in cold water for at least 12 hours before leaving you with the familiar concentrate. In addition, the wide range and time of brewing methods can lead to inconsistency, which sometimes creates a guessing game of the proper balance of flavor. Moreover, the technology often doesn’t extend beyond a multi-gallon bucket chilling in a refrigerator.

Make Quicker, Consistent, Great-Tasting Commercial Cold Brew

The Brew Bomb “ACE” Commercial Cold Brewer is changing the game at Texas Coffee School. We got to try a demo unit a few months back. We loved it so much we had to order our own! It brings the previously archaic process for making cold brew coffee into the 2020’s and the coffee it produces tastes better than any cold brew we’ve ever tried to date! (SERIOUSLY!) Thus, it can speed up your coffee shop’s ability to offer great-tasting, consistent cold brew, too!

Designed to simplify artisan cold brew coffee making in commercial coffee shops, the ACE Brewer makes Brew Bomb’s award-winning technology accessible to the everyday brewer. It uses precise, controlled intervals to deliver water directly to the coffee grounds instead of the traditional immersion brewing style. (Imagine a Kyoto style brewer but computerized with a high pressure, ultra fine misting spray nozzle instead of a dripper.)

The machine produces 20% better yield than traditional commercial cold brewing methods and only takes between two to three hours (depending on recipe) versus the 12 hours of traditional cold brew methods. It also takes up less space, is less messy, and takes no more than five minutes to get cleaned and reset. In addition, it looks cool. The sleek format makes our counter look even more impressive when coffee shop owners like you come in

Here are some of the reasons we’re recommending it to aspiring and scaling coffee shop owners.

Baristas using brew bomb ace commercial cold brew

Benefits of the ACE Commercial Cold Brewer

We’ve narrowed down the main benefits of the ACE to a few categories: 

  • Shorter brew time
  • Consistently great taste
  • Advanced technology

Shorter brew time:

The Brew Bomb ACE Brewer is designed to provide a simple way to consistently craft commercial cold brew coffee to precise cup standards. The machine brews five gallons of cold brew coffee from start to finish in two to three hours. (Depending on the brew recipe you select.) This makes it easier for you to deliver cold brew to customers’ hands on demand.

With quicker turnaround times, you’ll have more resources to allocate to customer service, marketing, and ongoing managerial education!

brew bombConsistently great taste:

Standardized brew profiles, a precision brewing system, and an easy-to-follow Brew Wizard allows the ACE Brewer to consistently produce specialty crafted cold brew from the machine’s display, or right from your phone. The brewer can produce ready to drink cold brew coffee, or a cold brew concentrate that can be used in iced beverages and signature drinks. The taste is by far the best we’ve ever had.

We’ve always been fond of the sweetness and clarity the Kyoto style cold brew coffee makers can offer. But, we’ve always been frustrated with the amount of time they take and the low volume they produce. The ACE solves both of those issues and produces even better tasting coffee! Additionally, the ACE is web connected, which enables you to deliver standardized specialty brewing across multiple locations in an instant. For coffee shop owners who are planning to open more than one shop, this kind of consistency is crucial to success.

Consistency is something the big coffee chains have mastered, and it has played a huge role in their worldwide success. You personally may not love their coffee, menu offerings, or methodology, but their numbers are staggering. Firstly, the step towards consistency is a consistent raw product. Secondly, the next step is to be able to consistently prepare this coffee to quality standards.

brew bomb

Advanced technology:

You can muse the pre-loaded brew recipes to craft specialty cold brew in just a few hours. Or, create and sync your own custom recipes via the Smart Brew interface, or use the onboard Wifi and upload your recipes directly from Brew Bomb portal on your phone. Once you have your recipes dialed in to your liking you can easily upload and share them to your other ACE units in different locations in mere seconds. Need help? If service or troubleshooting is necessary Brew Bomb can log into your machine over the network and offer solutions quickly.

Using the ACE Recipes and Technology in Your Coffee Shop

The factory default recipes the ACE Brewer walks you through on screen step-by-step are generally fantastic with most coffees. We like using a medium roast Colombian coffee for the “Long and Sweet” factory recipe and a darker roast for the “Chocolate Bomb” factory recipe. If you prefer, you can send your specific coffee to Brew Bomb and they will create a custom recipe just for you and upload it to your machine from their headquarters via the wifi network. 

Brew Bomb also offers troubleshooting. From their headquarters, they can address issues directly on your machine. This kind of technology is a long overdue innovation for the specialty coffee industry, and offers so much potential for both multi-location and single shop specialty coffee owners.

At this point, everyone in the specialty coffee industry understands the rising consumer demand for cold brew coffee. Having the ability to serve consistent, customized, delicious cold brew in your coffee shop needs to be a part of your menu strategy now and in the future.

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