Coffee Shop Recipes: Rose Latte

This Rose Latte sings of spring and fresh flowers! Just a couple quick steps for this recipe:

  • Prepare your preheated 8 oz latte cup by adding 1/3 oz or ~1 pump of Holy Kakow Rose Syrup.
  • Prepare your double shot of espresso using one of our favorite espresso blends (Cuvee Coffee Karmadillo or Oak Cliff Coffee Hidden City) into your prepared cup.
  • As the espresso is pouring into the cup, steam your milk of choice (we recommend the Chobani Oat Milk Barista Edition) to latte texture.
  • Now pour the milk from the frothing pitcher into your latte cup.
  • For garnish, we add Rishi Loose Leaf White Tea Rose Melange for both visual appeal and aroma.

Enjoy! Want more recipes? Check out the “Barista Tips” section on our blog.

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