7 Things Students Say About Our Coffee Shop Business Class

If you’re going to invest in a coffee shop business class, it’s a good idea to see what former students have to say about their experience. Many barista training programs or coffee education programs claim their classes will help you open a coffee shop. Can they prove it? Here are a few things to think about as you research the best coffee business courses: 

  • Which classes are most worth the time, money, travel, and effort?
  • Does the program have a proven track record of success?
  • Are there many reviews? What do former students say about their experiences?
  • Do their students actually go on to open coffee shops?
  • Are the majority students’ coffee shops still in business?
  • Can investing in the class actually save you time, money, and stress in the long run? 
  • Are the instructors and curriculum thorough, detailed, consistent, and up-to-date?
  • Is the course turn-key? Will you walk away prepared with what you need to bring you coffee shop vision to life?

Hundreds of successful coffee shops have launched around the world after aspiring owners have attended Texas Coffee School over the past 14 years. The vast majority are still in business after all these years. And we have hundreds of Google 5-Star reviews and Facebook Recommendations from our students. Here are seven things our students repeat about our coffee shop business class—with the reviews as proof.

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1. Worth the Investment

Just like you wouldn’t skimp on the price of running shoes or home repairs, you don’t want to skimp on the investment in your coffee education. You get what you pay for. The investment in Texas Coffee School’s coffee shop business class is well worth it! The experience you’ll gain and the resources you’ll leave with can carry your coffee shop start-up for years to come.

Check out this review from Coffeepreneur® Mhykee George:

“The BEST investment we could have made for our business. My husband and I have no experience in the coffee industry other than touring the world for an amazing cup. I had so much anxiety about what I “didn’t know” and Texas Coffee School answered all of my questions, concerns, and more in their three day course.

I cannot stress how important it is to book your spot for this course especially if you have no experience. If you have coffee experience but not an entrepreneurial background, TAKE THE CLASS! It’s worth it. We are confident that when we implement what we learned at Texas Coffee School, we will thrive as a business.”

2. Provides Detailed Information & Hands-on Training

Our coffee shop business class is designed to be comprehensive, meaning you won’t need any additional classes or add-on services. Students learn about coffee shop operations, how to write a coffee shop business plan, managing expenses, choosing a location, buying equipment, planning a menu, and much more. We’ll walk you through each step of the way!

Students taste different types of coffee.

Review from Coffeepreneur® Kimberly Longley:

“I couldn’t have picked a better school to pursue my dream of opening my own coffee shop! I simply cannot say enough positive things about this program. Three incredible days packed full of every last detail of information you could ever imagine…everything from the history of espresso, to hands-on training, to detailed business insight! I was engaged in the first five minutes of class!

If you are new to the journey, or already in the midst of your journey, you will not regret choosing Texas Coffee School!”

3. Knowledgable, Experienced Instructors

Our team has combined decades of experience, and we work full-time keeping the curriculum up to date and bringing you the best possible experience. Watch this video to learn why Meaghan, Coffee Educator, loves working with students.

A hands-on instruction at Texas Coffee School.

Review from Coffeepreneur® Jean-Claude Leblanc:

“I am a former Green Beret and I did a lot of research online for starting my own coffee business. Texas Coffee School was one of the most recognized schools in the industry.

I had high expectations going into the course based on my research. Tom and Anna exceeded those expectations beyond measure. They are absolute professionals with great attitudes which make the course fun, and they’ve taken the time to prepare all the materials for you so all you have to do is listen and absorb the knowledge they share during each class.

Their methods of presenting the materials as well as the hands-on portions are the same proven techniques we utilized in Special Forces to ensure students understand and retain the information. I would have set myself up for failure if I tried to pursue my coffee dreams based solely on research I’d done online. They will ensure you have all the tools necessary to be successful.

Thanks for everything Tom and Anna!”

4. Critical Coffee Shop Business Class Binder

Our 200+ page binder—chock-full of curriculum and consulting materials—goes home with you at no additional fee. Many students tell us they reference this critical resource for months and years to come! It’s always available for you to flip through and reference for questions that come up during the coffee shop start-up process.

A student takes notes.

Review from Coffeepreneur® Kristin Sankey:

“I took the 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class after hearing about the class through a third party. After researching the school, I was shocked to see the myriad of classes offered and the overwhelmingly positive feedback. I booked the 3-day course immediately.

This class exceeded my expectations. Over a year later, I still refer to the packet of information they sent us home with. They took the question “where the hell do I start” and made it digestible—they broke it down without making the concept cookie cutter or taking away the creativity and the independence of each student. I highly recommend the 3-day course for new business owners, and I look forward to taking the multiple other classes they have to offer!”

5. Helps Me Avoid Costly Mistakes

While every entrepreneurship journey takes trial and error, we can help you navigate some of the biggest and most common obstacles you’ll face. Don’t spend money on the wrong products, lease the wrong location, or build your systems the wrong way. With a firsthand look at many successful coffee shops, we know what works—and what mistakes to avoid.

Review from Coffeepreneur® Alyssa Ortiz:

“We decided to add coffee to our pre-existing business, and I was blown away by the abundance of knowledge the team at Texas Coffee School has compiled into this 3 day workshop. Everything that is taught is beyond worth the investment. Years of trial and error can be avoided by using the resources taught in this course! Whether you’re already a business owner, or just starting, there’s something for you to learn at Texas Coffee School!”

6. Exceeds Expectations for a Coffee Shop Business Class

When you sign up for one of the best coffee schools, you probably have high expectations. But our students continue to be amazed by the quality of our coffee shop business class. Even as you’re learning, we want you to have a fun, personable experience at Texas Coffee School. Not only will you receive a wealth of information, but you’ll have the chance to connect with fellow students and our teachers—and even stay in touch long after class is over.

Woman holding latte in Texas Coffee School's 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class.

Review from Coffeepreneur® Denise Caswell:

“I have to admit I was not sure of what a “coffee school” involved when I signed up. The first day I was blown away by the integrity, knowledge and high standards they displayed to each student. Tom and Anna run a well-oiled machine and your time is not wasted, I assure you!

When I left there I felt like I had been equipped with a good foundation of knowledge to be able to go crush the coffee industry and do it well! I was more confident about starting this business and I knew I could reach out to them at any time if I needed to! Thank you for all the passion, time and effort you have put into Texas Coffee School!”

7. I Left Confident and Prepared to Open a Coffee Shop

Finally, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if you didn’t leave with a step-by-step plan of how to start a coffee shop. You’ll have the resources, the business plan, and the inspiration to hit the ground running with your coffee business. It’s time to make it happen—we can’t wait until your cafe opens its doors!

Review from Coffeepreneur® Yazan Soofi:

“Texas Coffee School provided information that would have taken years of trial and error. The school provided hands-on training operating all the necessary equipment. I sat down with a friend that operates a coffee shop and presented the budget analysis we received in the course. My friend’s response was, “Wow, I wish I had this information when I first started, everything is spot on, life would have been a lot easier.”

I came in with zero knowledge and left blown away. My only regret is that I wish I took the course sooner!

(Spoiler alert: Yazan’s coffee shop Arwa Yemeni Coffee recently opened with huge success! Read his story here.)

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