Why Veterans Make Successful Coffee Shop Owners

Why Veterans Tend to Make Successful Coffee Shop Owners

At Texas Coffee School, we have the honor of meeting all kinds of aspiring coffee shop owners. Many of our students attend our classes when they’re making a career transition. We’ve worked with former doctors, teachers, lawyers, and all types of professionals. But there’s one group of people we’ve watched become successful coffee shop owners time after time: United States military veterans. 

It’s easy to confirm that veterans make great entrepreneurs. But why do veterans tend to make successful coffee shop owners? The list is endless, but here are a few of our observations. 

Veterans Understand Purpose

The most successful coffee shop owners are the ones that have a strong purpose, or “why.” In order to wake up day after day and find fulfillment in your work, it has to be driven by a strong purpose. 

What is the change you want to see in the world? Is there something you value more than anything? Do you have a vision you are excited to share with others? These concepts aren’t usually difficult for veterans to understand. It’s often what drove them to serve in the first place. 

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Veterans Are Dedicated to Serving Their Communities

When we ask our students why they want to open a coffee shop, many respond that they want to fulfill a need in their community. It’s common for entrepreneurs to open coffee shops to create a space for people to come together. 

Bringing people together and serving communities is something veterans know well. Coffee shop owners often take on this type of leadership role, partnering to support local businesses, causes, and organizations. When we’ve spoken with veterans in our coffee business classes, this is the type of vision they often share for their future coffee shops. 

Veterans Show Resilience Through the Roadblocks 

When students attend our classes, one of the first messages they’ll hear is that becoming a coffee shop owner isn’t easy. Success requires discipline, patience, and resilience. The difference between achieving entrepreneurial freedom and failure to launch comes down to mindset. 

No business launches without roadblocks along the way. Veterans have been trained to take those roadblocks in stride. When construction is delayed, unexpected expenses arise, or a global pandemic hits, it’s possible to stay in motion and work through the problem. Veterans can evaluate the situation, adjust their plan, and get back on course.

Resources for Veterans Who Want to Open a Coffee Shop

There are many resources for veterans who want to start their own businesses. The SBA offers financial assistance through training, loans, and lender matches. There are networking groups, accelerators, and more resources for veteran entrepreneurs here. 

If you’re a veteran considering opening a coffee shop, visit our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class for the most comprehensive coffee education in the industry. We’re honored to serve those who have courageously defended our democracy. To show our gratitude we offer those who have served or are serving in the United States military 10% off their 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class registration with valid military ID or DD214. Just give us a call to redeem at time of registration. For full details on Military Discounts please see Section 19 of our Terms & Conditions.  

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Support a Local Veteran-Owned Coffee Shop 

This Veteran’s Day (and all year long), we encourage everyone to support a veteran-owned coffee business. We’ll be drinking one of our favorite coffees from veteran-owned Cuvee Coffee from Austin, Texas. Check out this list to find a veteran-owned coffee business near you. Veterans, we thank you for your service!

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