How to Open a Coffee Shop in 2021: Our Top Posts

This year, we shared more knowledge than ever before on how to open a coffee shop. We’ve helped hundreds of students successfully launch their own coffee shop businesses! If you are an aspiring coffee shop owner, our blog can be a helpful resource to you on your journey. Check out these highlights from our Top Posts of 2021 to kickstart your new year of learning.

Table of Contents:

  • Find the Right Barista Training Course or Business Class
  • Adopt an Entrepreneur’s Mindset
  • Understand Coffee Shop Management and Finances
  • Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Create a Loyal Following and Market Your Coffee Shop
  • Create a Unique Concept and Have a Purpose

Find the Right Barista Training Course or Business Class

Coffee education course at Texas Coffee School

As coffee educators, we field a lot of questions from potential students about barista courses. What should I look for in a barista course? Is investing in barista training worth it? How do I find barista courses near me? We compiled our frequently asked questions, benefits of barista training, and several key lessons to look for in a training course in the blogs below.

Adopt an Entrepreneur’s Mindset

shannon and son

In 2009, our founder (and coffee enthusiast) Tom Vincent was laid off from his job as a creative director. Meanwhile, Shannon Neffendorf, co-founder of Oak Cliff Coffee, found himself working in corporate America and dreaming of entrepreneurship.

There are many paths on the road to becoming a Coffeepreneur®. Are you changing careers? Leaving something unfulfilling? Following a passion? Looking to create something purposeful on your community? Read our best tips from successful entrepreneurs’ experiences below.

Understand Coffee Shop Management and Finances

Overhead look at baristas working in coffee shop behind bar

We believe that owning a coffee shop can be a fulfilling, meaningful, and profitable career path. Remember that entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. You will walk through obstacles and build up some resilience before you get to sign your own paycheck. Check out some of our top tips for managing your coffee shop to help ensure your business thrives.

Avoid Common Mistakes

5 reasons why cafe startups fail

We host classrooms full of coffee enthusiasts from all over the world whose dreams are so persistent that they feel not starting at all would be even worse than failing. But following a cafe startup dream doesn’t mean the logical fears just disappear. Learn these 5 ways to avoid failure in your coffee shop startup.

Create a Loyal Following and Market Your Coffee Shop

crowded coffee shop

Oddfellows, Dallas, TX

From building your brand to social media strategies to choosing the right location, there’s plenty of ways to build a loyal customer base. Read about these examples of local coffee shops doing it right.

Create a Unique Concept and Have a Purpose

motorcycle in front of coffee bar at Pop's Coffee Co

Whether your coffee shop’s heartbeat is kindness or motorcycles, a unique business concept is the key to your success. We place a heavy emphasis on a coffee shop owner’s why. Learn about how these Coffeepreneurs® set their coffee shop apart with their one-of-a-kind businesses.


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Register for a Coffee Class

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We’ve helped hundreds of students successfully launch their own coffee shop businesses. Join us in our 5-Star Rated Coffee Classes, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to open a coffee shop, a manager, a barista or home enthusiast looking to sharpen your skills.