Why Are We One of the Best Coffee and Barista Schools?

You know what’s the only thing worse than stale coffee? A stale coffee business class. Don’t settle for less than one of the best coffee schools.

There are a growing number of options that offer coffee business training. How do you know which one is right for you? If you’re making an investment in your coffee business education, you want to look for the best curriculum available. We can help you narrow it down. 

The best coffee schools offer training that is: 

  • Approachable and easy to grasp.
  • Up-to-date and always evolving with consumer trends and changes to the world.
  • Engaging, so you aren’t bored out of your mind.
  • Proven, with a track record of successful student outcomes.
  • Turn-key (You want to walk out with a roadmap, not a bunch of abstract concepts).

Texas Coffee School is a results and outcome-based program, not a paper certificate-based program. Over the last decade, countless successful coffee shops from around the world got their start at Texas Coffee School. Read on to learn why our program ranks as one of the best coffee schools.

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The Best Coffee Schools Bring Education to Life

Our most comprehensive coffee education course is the 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class. When you attend this course, you’ll benefit from the years our coffee educators spent refining, updating, and elevating our content. We want to make sure every student walks away with a full roadmap to start a coffee business. That’s why we provide a 200+ page binder of class notes, spreadsheets, cafe designs, operations manual, and financial plan you’ll leave with–we offer way more than that.

Students learn how to operate equipment, taste different coffees, and learn operations in a peer-to-peer setting. Our full-time team of experienced coffee educators give individual attention to every single student.

Plus, we have fun! Coffee makes for a great business program, but it’s also a lifelong hobby. Our teachers are always learning new, exciting ways to brew and serve coffee in the industry–and they bring the curriculum to you. Whether you’re a coffee novice or continuing your education, what you learn at the best coffee schools like Texas Coffee School will reinvigorate your passion for small business and brews.

The Best Barista Schools Add New Skills to Your Skill Set

Starting a coffee shop–or working as a barista in one–can be made much easier with the right training. While operating a small business is no small feat, it helps to have one of the best barista schools helping to train your staff.

Our 2-Day Barista Training Class teaches students the following skills:

  • How to operate an espresso machine, grinders, and traditional coffee brewing equipment.
  • How to steam milk, prepare all the classic espresso based drinks, and maintain equipment.
  • How to perform guided hands-on brewing experiments and tasting exercises with today’s most popular coffee brewing equipment to learn how to isolate and control individual factors that affect coffee’s taste.
  • How to brew consistently great tasting coffee and espresso, and how to troubleshoot off-tasting results.

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Other barista training programs require you to take four separate classes to cover only a fraction of the information and hands-on training you receive in this comprehensive two-day course. And some barista training programs put more value on a paper certificate, than they do on quality results-focused education. Instead of requiring hours of power-point compulsory theory and test-oriented training like common certificate-based programs, we are a results-oriented program with focus on real-world, on-bar knowledge and skills that can make an immediate and measurable difference upon return to the field. Our modern approach to training enables our students to achieve more practical and useful capability in less time than any other barista training course! Don’t be satisfied with the industry status quo. Excellent baristas are crucial to a successful coffee shop. Knowing how to train your employees to operate your coffee business efficiently and effectively is paramount to your success. Sign up for a barista training class at Texas Coffee School where students go further, faster.

You Get a High Return on Investment

We understand how important it is for coffee shop owners to invest their time and money wisely. That’s why we design our classes to ensure that Texas Coffee School is worth the price. Here are a few ways we ensure we give students a return on their investment:

Constantly Refined Curriculum Means Students Leave Prepared

Being the industry leader requires constant evaluation of the past, the present, and the future. As such, the curriculum at Texas Coffee School is always evolving to match the speed and direction at which the specialty coffee industry and consumer are moving.

Students will not receive the same materials in 2022 as they did in 2021. We cannot overlook the way a pandemic, inflation, and huge changes to the service and hospitality industries have changed coffee shops. And we’re never satisfied with the industry status quo. We constantly improve our training systems, resource materials, and our training environment to ensure our students are prepared to face what’s ahead.

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Better Training Builds Better Coffee Shops

How would you feel if you attended a coffee business class that was impossibly hard to understand, or the information was too generalized and vague? Sadly, those are the industry standards. We purposely built our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class to be not only detailed and specific, but also very attainable and easy to grasp. Our modern approach to training enables our students to achieve more capability in less time than any other coffee business course!

No Additional Consulting or Add-On Services Necessary

Our competitors learned long ago that if they provide an enthusiastic but generalized coffee business course, they can sell additional consulting and support services afterward. We take a modern approach. Our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class eliminates the need for additional coffee business consulting afterward by being complete and comprehensive in the first place. We hold nothing back, including all of our detailed and proprietary consulting resources.

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Try a New Experience at One of the Best Coffee Schools

Gaining high-quality coffee skills could be the exciting new journey you’re looking for. But don’t just trust anyone with your coffee education–look for the best. Since 2010, Texas Coffee School’s industry-leading Coffeepreneur® courses have proudly supported hundreds of people in opening their own successful specialty coffee businesses all around the world.

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The Best Coffee Training Available

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