New Year’s Resolution – Get Your Beans Back

The New Year is a time many of us spend contemplating the lives we truly want, and comparing it to the lives we actually have. This most often leads to the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution,” where some make promises to be healthier, more successful, or more philanthropic, and others move into despair after realizing how far they have fallen away from the life they once imagined. Unfortunately for all of us, life is incredibly short, and as seen in the following video, work takes up a large portion of it.

The video emphasizes how precious each bean is, yet many of us are giving them away to jobs that are of little personal significance, and the unnerving fact remains — our “beans” are running out.

If, after viewing the video, you came to a sad realization that you begrudgingly give far too many of your beans to a job you hate, or if you realized that the beans you have remaining are being spent attempting to momentarily forget about work or being half-present with loved ones because you are over-worked and unfulfilled, there is another option.

For many of us the dream we once dreamt included working independently and freely with people we enjoy being around, and most importantly, doing something we love. For some of us, that field is the specialty coffee industry.

A Coffee Business Class can be a tremendous first step in the right direction — the direction of the dreams you once had, or have daily about personal freedom and feeling fulfilled. If you have ever imagined starting your own coffee shop business but are unsure where to begin, or how to make the life transition, a coffee business class can give you the clarity and direction you need to turn what was once an idea, into a tangible reality.

Our students come from varied backgrounds, but most have little to no experience in the specialty coffee industry, or at being entrepreneurs.  Most are just regular people looking to turn over a new leaf in life, and separate from the corporate rat race that has bogged them down for too many years.  One thing most have in common is they know they love great coffee and sharing their passion with others.

We’ve designed our coffee business program to be a perfect first point of contact, so you don’t need to show up with anything other than an honest desire to improve yourself and a willingness to learn.  We provide you with a clear and definitive path so you don’t just come away with a binder full of class notes and a bunch of hands-on barista training, but you also come away feeling inspired with a realistic understanding for how to turn your idea, your dream, into a new way of living life. We know this level of a life-change can be incredibly intimidating.  We know how it feels first hand, because we’ve walked the path ourselves.

One big aspect of our coffee business class is learning how to create a sound coffee shop business plan.  This tends to be one of the hugely intimidating factors for anyone opening a coffee shop business.  It doesn’t have to be anymore!  You don’t have to have a degree from a fancy business school to write a business plan.  You don’t even need an online template.  You just need some basic understanding of how a business plan works and our approachable process for compiling the information needed. Trust us, it isn’t as hard as you think! We’ll show you how.

Best of all, you will be working in a small class of other coffee business entrepreneurs that are at the same stage of the journey as you are. The intimate hands-on environment offers the opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, and immerse yourself in all things specialty-coffee related.

Why keep putting off your dreams for next year, when no bean is guaranteed for tomorrow? This New Year, make a promise to yourself to make up for the beans you may have given away in vain. This year, commit to living out the career you have always wanted, and follow your bean dream!

If you are interested in hearing the inspired stories of real individuals who truly are making the most of their beans through the ownership of their own coffee businesses, check out the Texas Coffee School Testimonial Page.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” 
– Steve Jobs, Co-founder, CEO, Chairman Apple Inc.


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