5 Things District Coffee Is Doing Right

District Coffee in St. Cloud, MN, has only been open for nine months, but they’re doing many things right. It helps that the coffee shop was launched by Texas Coffee School former students, using the information they learned in our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class!

Coffeepreneurs® Amie Danielson and Molly Windfeldt were both stay-at-home moms looking to take the next step. They wanted to provide a gathering place for their community. Thus, District Coffee was born with an “urban vibe in a suburban setting” on the south side of town.

Amie and Molly say they constantly referred to their binder from Texas Coffee School as they created recipes, calibrated equipment, and ordered supplies. They’ve navigated staffing and expenses and collected a number of 5-star Google reviews. Read on to learn about five ways we think District Coffee is getting it right.

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We Love These 5 Things About District Coffee

1. Seasonal Menu

District Coffee’s menu shifts with the seasons, which keeps customers coming back to try all the new menu items. Right now, summer menu items include trendy, cold drinks like a Blueberry French Toast Latte, Cold Brew with Vanilla Cold Foam, and Espresso Tonic. They also offer non-coffee options like a Blueberry Matcha Latte, Sweetened Hibiscus Elderberry Iced Tea, Lavender & Blueberry Lemonade, and Lavender Haze.

“We have a variety of small bites including savory and sweet crepes and other healthy options,” Amie and Molly explain. “We have partnered with a local bakery to provide pastries that are baked on site daily.”

Your coffee shop can keep customers on their toes in more ways than one—with caffeine, and with a menu that refreshes frequently!

Seasonal menu at District Coffee.

2. Rental Space

When we talk about how successful a hybrid model can be, it’s because the business is bringing in multiple streams of revenue. Another way that District Coffee is bringing in extra revenue is through renting out their space.

“We have plenty of seating and a meeting room for special events,” Amie and Molly say. Birthday parties, business meetings, and client conversations all have a place at District Coffee. They can fit from 12 to 20 people. The first two hours require a gift card purchase, and for more rental hours, there’s also a room rental fee.

Do you have extra square footage that would work well for local gatherings? Consider charging a little extra for it and saving it for those paying customers!

Space at District Coffee.

3. Homemade Syrups

District Coffee makes many of their coffee syrups in house as a unique addition to customers’ favorite drinks. Flavors include lavender, brown sugar cinnamon, sugar cookie, vanilla, ube, rosemary, and peanut butter.

Making your own ingredients is a great way to distinguish your coffee shop from competitors. You could even create a fun challenge for customers to try all your different flavors. Once they reach that goal, their next drink is on the house.

4. Branded Merchandise

Baseball caps, beanies, mugs, and baby onesies—District Coffee sells all kinds of unique branded merchandise. Selling merch lets customers rep your brand around town. Plus, it’s yet another source of revenue.

Merchandise at District Coffee.

5. Batch Brew Coffee To Go

For customers who can’t get enough of District Coffee, they can buy a coffee to-go box that serves up to a group of eight. It even comes with cups, sweeteners, and cream. Starbucks, step aside—this local shop is filling big groups’ need for caffeine.

District Coffee sells coffee to go.

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