Get Inked and Caffeinated at Mothers House

At Texas Coffee School, we talk and teach often about how a coffee shop hybrid model can add revenue to your business. Mothers House, located in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas, TX, is a glowing example. The woman-owned tattoo shop was founded by Brieana Jones, tattoo artist and Texas Coffee School Coffeepreneur®.

When you step foot into Mothers House, you’re greeted by stylish art and tattoo designs, a cozy ambience and, of course, the scent of espresso. You can choose whether you want a coffee, mocktail, or tattoo—or all three! Brieana has run with the idea of having multiple revenue streams in one business, and it’s made her one of Dallas’ most popular new cafes.

Learn more about Mothers House and how Brieana’s coffee education began at Texas Coffee School.

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A mocktail at Mothers House.

Why we love the hybrid coffee-shop business model for tattoo studios

Coffee and tattoos? We think it might be a match made in heaven. We’ve written extensively about the positive business impact of a hybrid business model. (That’s adding a coffee program to your existing business, or combining a business with a coffee shop.) A few of those benefits include adding revenue (to both businesses), increasing foot traffic, diversifying your business, elevating the atmosphere, and more.

Some businesses, like tattoo studios, are especially great fits for this model. Why? We’ve outlined a few of the reasons below:

  • Coffee elevates the tattoo client experience: For clients who come in for a tattoo, the added benefit of a quality coffee drink before, after, or as they wait takes the experience to the next level. It’s a small touch with big impact.
  • A coffee shop differentiates your business (and vice versa): There a plenty of tattoo studios in Dallas. There are plenty of coffee shops, too. But combined? That’s a business model that sets you apart from the rest. It’s a unique and quirky concept that garner’s attention, curiosity, and customer loyalty.
  • Coffee can occupy a patron’s waiting time: Waiting for an artist? Waiting on a drawing? Came in with a group of friends? Grab a specialty drink or mocktail to pass the time.
  • Aesthetic chemistry: Coffee shops thrive when they can establish a unique aesthetic and tap into their target demographic. A tattoo studio brings an artistic, creative vibe on its own. A funky, cozy cafe is a great aesthetic match.
  • Each business becomes a marketing tool for the other: A client comes in for a tattoo and finds her favorite new coffee shop with like-mind patrons and a sense of community. A coffee patron comes in for a cold brew and feels inspired to get a tattoo. Having two compatible (but different) businesses can also work as a marketing strategy.

Q&A with the Founder of Mothers House

Q: Tell us about the unique business concept for Mothers House.

A: We are a tattoo coffee shop serving tattoos, coffee, tea and mocktails!

Q: What made you want to start a coffee business?

A: I was a tattooer who spent lots of time in coffee shops 🙂

Q: What did you find most valuable in attending the 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class?

Layout—that was such valuable information for me personally. Figuring out where to set everything up in such a small space was such a struggle and without this class I may have never figured it out! Also, we have loved Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters so very much. They are an incredible company and we’re very grateful to have them in our store. Also…I’m obsessed with our notNeutral cups. They fit the vibe so well. It’s the little details you guys provided that have really helped make our coffee corner in my tattoo studio so special.

Outside of Mothers House. Patio at Mothers House.

Rave Reviews About Mothers House

“Immaculate vibes and talented artists!! I have never felt so safe and welcome in a tattoo shop before. Everyone was incredibly friendly and excited to be there. Phoebe did my tattoo and she was super sweet and it looks amazing! I am already planning my second trip to see them!! They had plenty of flash to choose from that was unique and so cool! Also their mocktails were delicious and the coffee looked great.” – Skyler

“Details details details. These girls know what’s up! From the coffee, to the decor to the tattoos. Needed somewhere inviting and comfortable to get a tat done and this place couldn’t have been better. Definitely going back!!” – Alma

“So, so beautiful inside and out! The staff is so friendly & the coffee is AMAZING” – Olivia

You can also find great content from Mothers House on TikTok!

Learn How to Add a Coffee Shop to Your Business

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