Leaving a Legacy with Red Cow Coffee

Coffee Shop Success Story: Red Cow Coffee

At Texas Coffee School, we like to celebrate our former students who make their Coffeepreneur® dreams a reality. Today we’re highlighting Nequosha and Yvette Anderson, who opened Red Cow Coffee in Florence, Alabama after attending our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class. Read on to learn about this entrepreneurial family, Red Cow Coffee, and their coffee shop success story.  

The Coffeepreneuers® Behind Red Cow Coffee: 

For the Andersons, entrepreneurship has always been a way of life. Yvette Anderson owns an accounting firm. Her late husband Samuel owned Anderson Trucking, LLC. Nequosha, their daughter, owns a law firm. No strangers to business ownership, they dreamed of opening a coffee shop in their hometown of Florence, Alabama. Together, the Andersons set out to leave a legacy for their descendants and to serve their community. 

The Andersons wanted their coffee shop to partner with local businesses in Alabama, to share ethically sourced coffee, and to offer exceptional hospitality. Yvette and Nequosha opened Red Cow Coffee in May of 2022. They honored Samuel, who passed away earlier this year, with the coffee shop’s unique name. Samuel’s nickname, “Dirty Red,” combined with Nequosha’s love for cows and Yvette’s love for coffee to make Red Cow Coffee. The coffee shop’s name is a fitting tribute for a family who dreamed of creating a legacy. 

Nequosha and Yvette Anderson in front of Red Cow Coffee

Source: Yvette Anderson

All About Red Cow Coffee: 

Red Cow Coffee is located in the heart of the Sweetwater District, the original downtown district of Florence. The coffee shop strives to serve clients with an elevated coffee experience in a way that feels friendly, familiar, and local. 

“A coffee shop founded on good coffee with ingredients you know, from local Alabama folks you can trust. We pride ourselves on making a great cup of joe, with no fluff or new vocabulary to learn.” Red Cow Coffee

The menu features the crowd favorite Sugarmoo latte (hot and cold) and rotating seasonal drinks like lavender lemonade, apple chai cider, or the Minty Moo Latte. 


The Andersons have been intentional about plugging into the local community with thoughtful events, loyalty programs, and discounts for community leaders, students, teachers, and other essential workers. 

In addition to community outreach, Red Cow has been savvy in creating a strong social media and digital presence. Nequosha and other baristas host Instagram Lives and create Reels to show off new menu items. They use social media to showcase events and promotions and stay connected with the community. As a result, the coffee shop boasts positive, loyal reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. It seems that customers experience exactly what Yvette and Nequosha set out to deliver: excellent coffee and over-the-top customer service. 

“We had such a great experience! We all ordered different drinks and they were great! Highly recommend the oat milk sugar moo latte. Miss Noelle was so welcoming and made sure everyone was pleased with their order. Excited to see their fall menu. And this business has so many programs to support different members of our community! 10/10 would recommend.”

Coffee Shop Success Tips and Lessons from Red Cow Coffee: 

What can we learn from Red Cow Coffee’s successful opening? Here are a few key lessons: 

It starts with why. Simon Sinek’s rule of business success rings true yet again. The Andersons dreamed of creating a legacy in their hometown–it’s why they set out to open a coffee business in the first place. This intention is tangible for Red Cow’s customers. They feel it in the way they experience excellent customer service, the way they rave about the drinks, and the way they feel at home in the coffee shop.

Lead with exceptional hospitality. Our world has changed drastically over the past few years, but one thing remains constant: customers care about how businesses make them feel. Hospitality, customer service, kindness, and connection will always be at the heart of local businesses–no matter how technology or the world around us change the way we interact. 

Be a champion of local people, businesses, and causes. The Andersons set out with a mission to source coffee ethically and to support local businesses. In addition, they’ve found simple ways to connect to local causes. It’s amazing how far a small teacher discount, a loyalty program, or alignment with a charitable organization or cause can go in building a loyal customer base. 

Take it online. Red Cow Coffee has found many ways to connect with the community. And still, the founders have not overlooked the importance of a strong digital presence. From social media to Yelp to Google My Business to online ordering, they know that being available online is essential to small business success. 

Q&A with Red Cow Coffee: 

With 25 years and a broad spectrum of entrepreneurship under their belts, it’s no wonder the Andersons had the work ethic and business savvy to launch a successful coffee shop. With their experience, they just needed to master one more thing to make this venture a success: coffee. 

That’s what led them to Texas Coffee School last year, where they attended our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class. We recently interviewed Nequosha and Yvette to learn about their experience and ask their advice for aspiring Coffeepreneurs®. Here’s what they shared: 

What brought you to Texas Coffee School? 

Nequosha did intensive research and chose Texas Coffee School for us to gain education to learn how to open and start a coffee shop. 

What has been the most rewarding part of opening your coffee shop so far? 

Growing our loyal customer base.

What are the biggest challenges for coffee shop owners right now, based on your experience? 

The biggest challenges are the supply chains and the delays in receiving inventory. 

What advice do you have for students just starting out on their coffee journey or for other business owners/entrepreneurs? 

My advice is to go to the Texas Coffee School before opening your coffee shop, develop a budget, and create a marketing strategy. And most importantly manage your expectations.

What’s next for Red Cow Coffee? 

We are developing a plan to expand to mobile coffee carts and to sell coffee to established businesses.

Barista at Red Cow Coffee

Source: Red Cow Coffee Facebook

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