KT’z Espresso Kafe Serves Specialty Coffee in Small-Town TX

In some small towns, the only options for coffee might be a chain and a local gas station. But Kate Fenter dreamed of something better for her town of Emory, Texas. With a long background working at Starbucks corporate, Kate understood how to brew and sell coffee that people love. She launched KT’z Espresso Kafe with that experience and the guidance of two Texas Coffee School classes.

KT’z calls itself “uniquely different,” offering cleverly-named drinks on the menu and local, handmade food items. KT’z has dozens of Google reviews from happy customers commenting on the incredible coffee and kind staff members. It’s a gem in small-town Texas, offering a taste of luxury that’s not found on every corner.

Learn more about her journey to success in the Q&A below.

Kt'z Espresso Kafe exterior. Kt'z Espresso Kafe interior.

Q: Tell us about your unique business concept.

A: We serve coffee and Lotus drinks along with breakfast and lunch options, [including] homemade canned goods, candies, homemade vanilla, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cheesecakes. We make everything in house; nothing is pre-packaged or heated up.

We are in a town between two lakes and have named our sizes of drinks after sizes of fish: Pollywog, Dink, Keeper, and Lunker. We also have a very unique marble run inside. Our tagline is Uniquely Different, so we work hard at being different from everyone else.

Kt'z Espresso Kafe iced drink. Kt'z Espresso Kafe colorful drink. Kt'z Espresso Kafe cookies. Kt'z Espresso Kafe muffins.

Q: What made you want to start a coffee business?

A: I worked at Starbucks corporate for almost 10 years. I started coming to TX and noticed there were no coffee stands (at the time). I love talking with people and it’s right up my alley; both coffee and customers.

Q: What have been the greatest challenges throughout the process of opening, operating, or growing KT’z Espresso Kafe?

A: Construction was a huge issue with us. We got screwed over by our contractor because we didn’t listen to what you had told us.

Q: What did you find most valuable in attending the 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class?

A: We couldn’t have done it without the school. The business plan help was HUGE.

Rave Reviews About KT’z Espresso Kafe

“We absolutely loved our experience here, both yesterday and today. Their coffee is better than the most popular one from Seattle lol. We will definitely be coming back. It was a pleasure meeting the owner and staff. I recommend the Rains County Mocha (hot w/whip cream). Wife loved the caramel macchiato.” – Brett

“Wow! A+ service, friendly staff and great atmosphere. I came through the drive through and asked if they could make me a custom specialty drink. They nailed it out of the park! Highly recommend you come check out their coffee. I will definitely be coming back again soon! Thanks KT’z.” – Connor

“Best coffee around! Kate, the owner, is a ray of sunshine, along with all of the baristas! Coming here is always one of the highlights of my day. I also LOVE the food! Definitely one of the new hidden gems of East Texas.” – Twyla

“Absolutely an all-round great place to go to for coffee. The staff are all extremely down to earth people, and the coffee is twice as good as going to Starbucks because I swear they put love into every cup!” – Johnathan

Kt'z Espresso Kafe drive thru.

Small Town Coffee Shops Can Have Big Success

At Texas Coffee School, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming many students through our doors who dream of opening a high-quality, specialty coffee shop in their small town. These include:

Our former students come from cities of all cities, but they have one thing in common—they’re bringing quality coffee in unique, bespoke ways to communities across the country.

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