The 5 Step Approach Of A Successful Coffeepreneur®

The 5 Step Approach Of A Successful Coffeepreneur®

I used to think I needed to be perfect, or have all the answers, or all the conditions had to be just right on day one so I could begin my journey toward opening my coffee business. What I eventually realized was nobody who is truly successful is perfect (or even good) when they begin. They aren’t business experts, they aren’t the best in their class, and they certainly aren’t rich to begin with! They are committed to their goal, embraced their mistakes, and figured it out along the way. Eventually they turned a large collection of mistakes and lessons into a success, then started over on a bigger scale. 

  1. Commit the same way a skier commits when they drop in on a double black diamond ski slope. By fully committing, your actions are saying there’s no turning back now. You are all-in and you are going to figure it out on the way down one way or another. You can’t casually ski a double black diamond ski slope! Being a Coffeepreneur is no different. Look at your life and assess whether you are ready to fully commit to your dream. No in between, because in between equals little to no results.
  2. Embrace Mistakes and Grow Forward. You are going to mess up. It is inevitable. Don’t fear messing up, being wrong, looking stupid in front of your peers, or even failing. Embrace it! Yes you read that correctly. Successful entrepreneurs don’t view their mistakes (even failures) as a negative thing. They embrace mistakes as valuable lessons and apply the perspective gained to their next attempt. If you want to be a successful Coffeepreneur you must learn to detach from the notion that mistakes are bad or final. You must learn to grow from mistakes not only tactically through your actions, but emotionally, so you can become more desensitized to the fear of failure. From there you can proceed with less internal resistance in the future.
  3. Success. Congratulations! This isn’t the destination. This is a roadside attraction along your journey and it is temporary. Don’t get comfortable because now you are the target of literally everyone else who wants to be on top of the same mountain. Don’t look down the mountain and backward at them, look forward to the bigger mountain on the horizon from your new vantage point. Those behind you don’t have this because they are too focused on getting to the top of the mountain you are currently on. Proceed forward to conquer the bigger mountain ahead.
  4. Desensitize Fear of Failure. You learned a lot on your last expedition to success. Most importantly you realized it wasn’t as bad as you had originally feared in the beginning. You already did it once, and now you have a new understanding of what you are really capable of overcoming. This is the desensitization of fear. Every time you experience something challenging, emotionally stressful, or even painful, you develop your understanding of your internal limits. Constantly push and test those limits and you will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish than you ever thought possible!
  5. Repeat. (But bigger!)

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