Answers Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Upcoming Classes


Answers Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Upcoming Classes

[UPDATED] March 18, 2020 (5:50pm Central Time)

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff are our top priority at Texas Coffee School. With the escalation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we want to maintain transparency and share the steps we are taking to protect our students and employees.

  • We are carefully monitoring the situation and following guidance from the CDC, the World Health Organization and local DFW health authorities.

  • We’ve always taken seriously the cleanliness of our training facility. We know it is more important now than ever. Aligned with guidance from health authorities, beginning the last week of February we implemented additional measures for cleaning and disinfecting our training facility numerous times throughout each day.

  • We are strongly encouraging all incoming students (and staff) to monitor their personal health closely and use good judgment and consideration of others before attending class, or coming to work. We are asking anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, especially cough, fever, and shortness of breath in the days or hours leading up to class, no matter how insignificant, to please not attend class. 

“Will you be cancelling classes due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?”

Our March 2020, classes have been temporarily postponed. We are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely on a day-to-day basis. We hope to host April classes and beyond as scheduled, but please know student and staff safety is our highest priority. We don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way. When we reach 7 days out from the start of each class we will be assessing the present situation and making decisions based on the information we have at that time. To be clear – We have absolutely no intention to leave our students high and dry. We will not outright cancel a class with no alternative solutions. In a situation that requires a class to be postponed, we will notify each student no less than 7 days in advance and we will place their registration on hold. Then, we will provide students the following options – The option to either attend one of our designated make up class dates, or, to reschedule into another regularly scheduled class that has make up seating still available. We just posted additional class dates to our calendar (currently through August) to help support people unable to attend classes right now under these circumstances. We will be adding more dates beyond August in the coming months. Because it may difficult to know what personal schedules will be in the coming weeks and months, we will allow students to keep their registrations on hold for up to 1 year from the original class date. This way there is plenty of time to assess class schedules and personal schedules and make plans. This will also ensure there are plenty of class dates to choose from. Additionally, under these circumstances we will have no rescheduling fees.

“I really need the business information from your 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class ASAP because I’m trying to get my coffee shop open very soon. Is there any way I can get the business information now and attend the coffee education + barista training portion later when this coronavirus situation settles down?”

Yes! If you register for our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class and we have to postpone it due to the COVID-19 situation, the coffee business education and resources are something we can provide you without any disruption to your plans! We just implemented a live streaming virtual classroom capability so you can attend the full step-by-step coffee business start-up lecture portion of your class on your computer, tablet, or phone from the comfort of your home on the same day you were scheduled to start class.

We will provide you ALL the business class handouts, notes, and resources before class begins (including equipment lists, shop layouts, business plan information, vendor lists, spreadsheets, resources, etc.) so you can follow along just like you would in our classroom.

The lecture and experience would be no different than if you were attending in person. This is a live lecture. We have a professional camera and microphone set up at the front of the classroom so you can experience it the same as you would from your seat if you were here. You will also be able to participate in the Q&A session just like if you were attending in person. Our virtual classroom allows 2 way vocal communication between the instructor and students.

This way you can get all the vital information, explanation, and resources you need to get through the start-up phase of launching your coffee business without any disruption to your original plans.

Once the COVID-19 situation subsides we can get you scheduled to come into to our facility and receive your 2 days of hands-on coffee education and barista training.

“Do you offer your Coffee Business Class in a live streaming online format?”

Yes! You can sign up for our 1-Day How To Open a Coffee Shop – Live Streaming Online Class. If you need hands-on coffee education at any point, you can sign up for our 2-Day Barista Training Class.

“I’m thinking about enrolling in an upcoming class next month. If the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation remains as concerning as it is now and my class gets postponed, would I be able to reschedule to a later date without having to pay anything additional?”

Absolutely. We want you to rest assured knowing you will have no need to worry about losing your registration or having to pay any sort of rescheduling fees should your class be postponed as a result of these unusual COVID-19 circumstances. We would provide you the option to either attend a make up class date or to reschedule into another regularly scheduled class that has make up seating still available. We will allow you to keep your registrations on hold for up to 1 year from the original class date so you have time to make plans and there are plenty of dates to choose from.

“Have you modified coffee cupping procedures?”

Yes! Back in February we indefinitely suspended all traditional SCA coffee cupping protocols/activities. We created a modified protocol where everyone gets their own individual/personal station with their own personal set of cups and tools. Each station has one cup of each sample coffee. We grind a batch of each sample coffee together and then weigh out the ground coffee into the individual cups at each individual station. This way everyone can still have a cupping experience without sharing cups or having any chance of cross contamination.

Have a question not addressed here? Please ask us!

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