2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Serious Coffee Nerds

2023 Coffee Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us once again, and with it comes the pressure to get the perfect gifts for the serious “coffee nerds” in your life. You already got the trendiest new toy for little Jessica, the new socks for Uncle Mike, but you are stumped on what to get for the coffee nerd in your life who seems to be WAY more into coffee than any one person should be… That’s where we can help.

For them, it is the same gift every year: a “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee” mug, a gift card to the big green coffee chain, or a bag of “exotic coffee” found in the back corner of a Marshalls. While they are usually pretty happy that somebody thought of them, it’s not really what they had on their coffee wish list.

Here are a few holiday coffee gifts that are actually on their list (or at least should be):

Give the Gift of Coffee

This is what they are passionate about, so it should be a no-brainer. However, finding good coffee can be a bit more challenging.

Here are a few roasters that we recommend:

  1. Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters
  2. Cuvée Coffee
  3. Huckleberry Roasters

All of these roasters also offer coffee subscriptions which will send fresh coffee to your gift-recipient EVERY MONTH!

IMPORTANT TIP: No matter which coffee you choose, buy whole bean coffee and make sure to purchase it as close to the time you will be gifting it as possible. This will ensure it is at its peak of freshness.

Barista Training Classes

This really takes the whole coffee experience to the next level. An immersive barista training experience is by far the most fun, memorable, and useful gift you could give to any coffee enthusiast! Good coffee classes offer hands-on lessons that focus on specific factors affecting coffee’s taste in espresso, cold brew, pour-overs, and other popular coffee brewing methods. It’s not just about following a recipe; it’s about understanding the “why” behind your results. This knowledge enables enthusiasts to brew better-tasting coffee every day and troubleshoot if something tastes “off.” (It is a gift that keeps on giving!) At Texas Coffee School, our most popularly gifted consumer classes include our Espresso & Milk Skills Class, Latte Art Class, and Quality Coffee Brewing Class. Additionally, our Coffee Business Master Class is a hit among those considering opening a coffee shop.

Home coffee enthusiast using a kalita wave to make a pour-over coffee

Our Favorite Coffee Gear of 2023

There is a lot of trendy, fancy, and overly complicated coffee gifts out there. A lot of it will get used once or twice and then collect dust on a shelf. Here are some great cost effective gifts that won’t.

Serving and Glassware:

  • New Pico Mugs from notNeutral: We just got ours and they are amazing! A smooth glazed texture meets a stone texture in the middle and feels so unique and satisfying in the hand. It takes the coffee experience to a place we didn’t know it could go.
  • The new YETI 4oz (espresso), 6oz (cappuccino/cortado), and 8oz (latte/mocha) stackable mugs: If they are outdoors enthusiasts like us, these are sure to get them excited! Especially if they take their new Flair Neo Flex (above) camping or on the road!

For Home Brewing:

  • Flair Neo Flex: Simple and very cost effective way to make espresso manually at home or on the go. This brand is endorsed by former U.S. Barista Champion (are super kind human) Lem Butler.
  • Nano Foamer or the new Nano Foamer Pro: No home espresso machine to steam milk? Or have a manual lever machine that doesn’t steam milk? No Problem! This is a cost effective way to get legit latte texture milk texture without an espresso machine.
  • Third Wave Water: If you ever wonder why coffee doesn’t taste the same at home as it did in the coffee shop (even though you buy the same coffee) there is a big chance your water is the culprit. These little packets of minerals can be mixed with mixed with distilled water to produce coffee shop quality results.
  • New Clear AeroPress: They took their iconic coffee press, made with the same patented technology, and made it available in crystal clear, shatterproof  “Tritan™”. Cool enough for display, tough enough for the road. Areopress fanatics will be excited to get this!
  • Verve Instant Coffee // Huckleberry Instant Holiday Blend: Two top tier roasters take instant coffee to the specialty level. Superb answer to the need for good coffee on a roadtrip. (Great for coffee cocktails if without resources too)
  • La Marzocco Linea Micra Home Espresso Machine & matching Pico Grinder: The “money is no object” gifts that will earn you free lattes for life from whomever you gift it to (seriously).

Beyond Coffee:

  • Mini Portafilter Replica Keychain: Instant smile on their face every time they look at it, and it’s cute (we have 3)!
  • Rishi Tea Gift Set: Great lineup of either a black, green, and botanical teas which are equipped with glass brewer. (Rishi Tea is by far our favorite tea company in the entire world and their quality, creativity, and freshness are in a class of their own!)
  • 33 Cups of Coffee – Coffee Tasting Journal: This Journal is a great way to continue practicing your coffee education when tasting coffee at home, or at your favorite coffee shop. It is a cost effective, portable, and straight-forward means to notate a coffee’s flavor/ and your personal notes. (This is great for coffee nerd level 10,000 enthusiasts.)

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