Why You Need to Add a Coffee Shop to Your Salon

The beauty industry is on the rise, according to the State of Fashion report by McKinsey & Company. Of the four main beauty categories, hair care and skin care are projected to grow another 6% by 2027. Business might be good if you’re a salon owner. But could it be even better? Industry disruptive salon owners are uncovering a business boosting secret weapon: add a coffee shop to your salon.

Let’s dig in. First, industry growth doesn’t necessarily mean salon owners are rolling in cash or turning away customers they can’t fit into the schedule. “Brands must make differentiating choices to find success in this shifting and increasingly competitive landscape,” the report says.

We’re here to share more about one major differentiator that your salon can bring to the industry — the addition of a coffee shop. We’ve seen several former students pull it off to become a cut above the rest. (Pun intended.) Learn more about the benefits of adding a coffee shop below.

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A Coffee Shop Adds Revenue to Your Salon

The number of existing small business owners attending Texas Coffee School to add a coffee shop to their business is proof — a coffee shop can add revenue. And salons are primed for this business model.

While salons typically have an established audience, a coffee shop can bring in more foot traffic and sales. Potential clients might be drawn to your business by the novelty of having a cafe inside. And coffee drinkers might walk in looking for a coffee and walk out with an appointment.

Galindo’s in Houston, TX, a hybrid business model offering haircuts, aesthetic services, and coffee, saw their sales boom after launching the coffee side of things. Plus, it’s made great use of the huge new space they moved into after the barbershop — their original business — outgrew the old space. And in 2024, Galindo’s Coffee Co. also began serving cocktails!

Galindo's Barbershop is an example of how to add a coffee shop to your salon.

Source: Galindo’s Coffee Co. Facebook

Square footage costs money, and if you have room to spare, a coffee shop could help you earn more revenue using an asset you already have. Just keep in mind the costs associated with investing in coffee education, equipment, and staff. Once the initial investment has been recovered, the coffee business can become a form of passive income (save the cost of baristas).

A Coffee Shop Can Delight Your Customers

For anyone who’s gotten a massage, had their hair cut and colored, their nails elaborately done, or participated in another luxury salon service, you know it takes time! Whether it’s a morning boost or an afternoon treat, having a coffee in hand elevates the experience. Plus, customers often pay top dollar for these types of services. A coffee shop can bring an extra level of pleasure to the appointment, making it worth the customer’s while.

While waiting in the lobby or undergoing their appointment, clients can enjoy a specialty drink. The smell of coffee wafts through the space, and the sound of an espresso machine adds to the ambiance. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual chemical smells or chit chat of a salon. If you ever visit Galindo’s or Mothers House, you’ll know what we mean!

Mothers House, a tattoo shop, also sells coffee.

Source: Mothers House Instagram

Mothers House, a tattoo shop in Dallas, TX, also sells coffee and mocktails. These unique offerings combined with the fun, artistic aesthetic of the space makes it an easy choice for potential tattoo clients. “Details details details,” a Google review by Alma raves. “These girls know what’s up! From the coffee, to the decor to the tattoos. Needed somewhere inviting and comfortable to get a tat done and this place couldn’t have been better.”

Here's why you should add a coffee shop to your salon like Mothers House.

Source: Mothers House Instagram

A Coffee Shop Is an Added Value for Your Booth Rental Stylists

Some salons operate with a booth rental system, where individual hairstylists or beauty professionals rent out a chair within the salon to run their own services. Instead of being traditional employees, these stylists rent or pay a set fee for the booth. They’re also usually responsible for bringing in their own clients. A woman paints nails at her booth.

If you’re the owner of a salon with this model, your booth rental stylists should love the addition of a coffee shop — because their clients will. It’s a selling point for bringing in new clients and will delight current clients. You’ll just want to consider how to manage costs. As the salon’s umbrella company, will you cover the costs of the added coffee shop? Or will you massage it into the booth rental fee?

Either way, the combination of booth rentals and a coffee business can lead to a bustling, vibrant salon environment.

How Texas Coffee School Can Help You Add a Coffee Shop to Your Salon

Our team keeps a pulse on industry trends, and to add a coffee shop to your salon brings freshness to both the coffee and the beauty spaces. From traditional brick and mortar coffee shops to coffee trucks to hybrid models, this class has been the launch platform for hundreds of successful coffee businesses around the world.

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