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Starting a Coffee Truck Business in 2022

What are the benefits of starting a coffee truck? 

There are many benefits to launching your coffee business with a truck rather than a brick and mortar store. Coffee trucks can offer business owners more flexibility and fewer expenses. In addition, your mobile coffee business may be quicker to launch than a traditional coffee shop. More benefits include: 

  • Lower startup costs
  • The ability to go directly to your customers
  • Catering capabilities
  • Flexible hours
  • Profitability potential
  • Fewer operational costs
  • Opening without being confined by a lease or landlord
  • Strong potential for growth

Though the process may be shorter and less expensive,

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Galindo’s Is the Hybrid Business Model of Tomorrow

Galindo’s, owned by Coffeepreneurs® Zak and Sophie Galindo, has something for everyone. You can bring your family in for haircuts, aesthetic services, and–our personal favorite–great coffee. They’re mastering the hybrid business model, where multiple streams of revenue live under one roof.

We sat down with Zak and Sophie to peek behind the curtain of the Galindo’s brand.

Hundreds of students have successfully launched coffee shop businesses after attending Texas Coffee School.

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Hybrid Coffee Shop Models: The Future of Coffee Shops

Why a Hybrid Coffee Shop Model?

In today’s competitive market, the traditional coffee shop faces challenges. Rising costs and market saturation in some areas are a few that jump to the top of the list. In fact, we just shared how inflation affects coffee shops and why a hybrid coffee shop model could be the answer.

The status quo may not cut it anymore for small businesses. The formula to modern success?

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Coffee Shop Innovation in 2022

These days, it’s tempting to pay attention to what’s trending. A memorable scene at the Oscars, the latest TikTok audio, and last night’s sports game churn up clicks and engagement. But trending isn’t built to last. Small businesses who find success–the kind that endures–are those who innovate.

Coffee shop innovation is an important value at Texas Coffee School. In fact, our business was built on innovation! When we began in 2010, we were teaching classes in students’ houses when coffee education was a fairly new concept.

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How to Start a Coffee Brand

Starting a Coffee Brand

At Texas Coffee School, we know we can teach anyone to make an excellent cup of coffee. But, it’s a strong brand that will keep customers coming back. Your coffee brand is the way people perceive and experience your business; such as the look, feel, values, and personality you offer. New streams of revenue like products, merchandise, coffee trucks and carts, multiple locations, and other brand extensions come to life from a central brand.

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