Holiday Gift Guide For Serious Coffee Geeks – By Texas Coffee School

Do you know someone who loves coffee?  Someone who constantly tinkers in their kitchen for hours brewing coffee different ways.  Maybe this person regularly reads books on the science of coffee brewing, or blogs with barista training tips.  This person also likely has a whole budget set aside for ordering coffees from different specialty coffee roasters throughout the month.

Not all of us know this person, but many of us do and as the specialty segment of the coffee industry continues to grow (of those that consume coffee daily,

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How To Brew Better Tasting Clever Dripper Coffee

Like many others in the specialty coffee industry, we’ve found the brewing instructions shared by the Clever manufacturer does not always produce favorable tasting results. After experimenting with many different Clever Coffee Dripper brewing techniques, we’ve landed on a favorite. This technique is widely known as the “Jason Dominy Method.” This method has consistently produced delicious results in our lab and in the field. This method features a coarser grind setting, which honestly makes more sense since this method lends to a longer contact time between the water and coffee grounds.

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Blending Cultures Through Coffee Education

The world is full of fragrance. Some bring comfort and joy while others… do not. There is no fragrance more identifiable from miles away than coffee (especially roasting coffee). Coffee brings with it the aroma that lifts you up and calms you down at the same. While fragrance is limited to the smell alone, aroma captures our senses and takes us on a journey. Aroma transcends fragrance alone, it carries with it unparalleled power.

The aroma that coffee brings employs all of your five senses.

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