Building a Career, Lifestyle, and Culture, with Shannon Neffendorf

Meet Shannon Neffendorf, co-founder of Oak Cliff Coffee, father of four, coffee origin aficionado, and friend of Texas Coffee School. His love for coffee culture was birthed in Milan, where he observed crowds of people laughing at coffee bars and a refreshing absence of laptops. In 2006, Shannon began roasting green coffee beans on a stove top whirly pop. By 2008, he and his new wife, Jenni, were roasting beans on a gas grill and selling coffee to the neighbors.

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Top Entrepreneur Tips for Coffee Shop Owners (Part 2)

Entrepreneur Tips from Texas Coffee School Founder, Tom Vincent

In a recent blog post, we interviewed Texas Coffee School founder Tom Vincent. More than 11 years into his own journey as an entrepreneur, he’s helped hundreds and hundreds of coffee shop owners launch their own businesses. We wanted to learn more about his best advice and entrepreneur tips for aspiring coffee shop owners. 

Read Top Entrepreneur Tips for Coffee Shop Owners (Part 1) here. 

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5 Reasons Why Cafe Startups Fail

If you look for them, you can find dire statistics of small business success. So, it’s no surprise many aspiring Coffeepreneurs® are afraid of failure. Of course, we host classrooms full of coffee enthusiasts from all over the world whose dreams are so persistent that they feel not starting at all would be even worse than failing. But following a cafe startup dream doesn’t mean the logical fears just disappear.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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