How to Write a Coffee Shop Business Plan

If your goal is to open a successful coffee shop, writing a business plan is a smart place to start. The idea of a business plan is overwhelming and even scary for MOST people – But it doesn’t have to be. To put it simply, the point of a business plan is to get the idea for your business off of the cocktail napkin into a more organized and thought out format. It forces you to ask yourself some tough questions,

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Answers Regarding COVID-19 and Upcoming Classes

[UPDATED] January 28, 2023 

We want to make you aware of our current COVID-19 protocols. Our entire staff has been fully vaccinated, our State and County (Tarrant County) restrictions have been lifted entirely, and we have been without a single COVID-19 related incident since the pandemic began.

  • Students and employees are not required to wear masks or face coverings while inside the Texas Coffee School facility. For this reason we ask all incoming students and employees to monitor their personal health closely and use good judgment and consideration of others before attending class,
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