6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start a Coffee Business

Anyone who wants to start a coffee business knows entrepreneurship can involve a lot of trial-and-error. But what if we could give you six mistakes to avoid—and save you from having to learn them the hard (and expensive) way?

Texas Coffee School has educated hundreds of people from across the world on how to start a coffee business. We’ve learned from others’ mistakes—and our own—and used them to build processes that work. The topics we’ll cover include:

  1. Location
  2. Barista Training
  3. Shop Layout
  4. Operations
  5. Cost of Goods Sold
  6. Not Having a Drive-Thru (and other missed innovation opportunities)

If you’re ready to learn how to start a coffee shop and bypass common roadblocks,

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Fall 2022 Coffee Shop Trends

It’s officially fall, (even though it might not feel that way in Texas). The average coffee drinker probably knows this time of year as pumpkin spice season. But coffee shop owners and industry insiders are likely sensing a number of emerging trends far beyond PSLs. We’re sharing coffee shop trends and innovations that are dominating in Fall 2022, and will likely continue to shape coffee shops in 2023 and years to come. 

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Galindo’s Is the Hybrid Business Model of Tomorrow

Galindo’s, owned by Coffeepreneurs® Zak and Sophie Galindo, has something for everyone. You can bring your family in for haircuts, aesthetic services, and–our personal favorite–great coffee. They’re mastering the hybrid business model, where multiple streams of revenue live under one roof.

We sat down with Zak and Sophie to peek behind the curtain of the Galindo’s brand.

Hundreds of students have successfully launched coffee shop businesses after attending Texas Coffee School.

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Why Are We One of the Best Coffee and Barista Schools?

You know what’s the only thing worse than stale coffee? A stale coffee business class. Don’t settle for less than one of the best coffee schools.

There are a growing number of options that offer coffee business training. How do you know which one is right for you? If you’re making an investment in your coffee business education, you want to look for the best curriculum available. We can help you narrow it down. 

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Hybrid Coffee Shop Models: The Future of Coffee Shops

Why a Hybrid Coffee Shop Model?

In today’s competitive market, the traditional coffee shop faces challenges. Rising costs and market saturation in some areas are a few that jump to the top of the list. In fact, we just shared how inflation affects coffee shops and why a hybrid coffee shop model could be the answer.

The status quo may not cut it anymore for small businesses. The formula to modern success?

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