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Valentine’s Day Treats for Coffee Geeks

Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate love, and if you or your loved one can be classified as a “coffee geek,” it’s a time to celebrate that love over a cup of delicious coffee.

Add a little pizazz to your to Valentine’s Day by surprising your sweetheart with a fresh, hand crafted cup of local coffee and one (or both!) of the following perfectly paired sweets recipes.

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Coffee Shop Recipes: House-Made Gingerbread Syrup

If you are in the mood to embrace a traditional coffee shop cold-weather flavor, you must try house-made gingerbread syrup!  While most notably a holiday beverage, gingerbread is perfect in your lattes and/or coffee any time it’s cold outside (although it is delicious in the iced versions as well!).  This is a great addition to your coffee beverages and/or pastries- FYI this syrup is also delicious on pancakes!  When contained in a glass bottle, its deep mahogany color is a beautiful addition to any coffee shop counter.

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