Leaving a Legacy with Red Cow Coffee

Coffee Shop Success Story: Red Cow Coffee

At Texas Coffee School, we like to celebrate our former students who make their Coffeepreneur® dreams a reality. Today we’re highlighting Nequosha and Yvette Anderson, who opened Red Cow Coffee in Florence, Alabama after attending our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class. Read on to learn about this entrepreneurial family, Red Cow Coffee, and their coffee shop success story.  

The Coffeepreneuers® Behind Red Cow Coffee: 

For the Andersons,

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Are Young Americans Drinking More Coffee? And More Coffee Shop Trends

Many retailers and small business owners are paying attention to Gen Z coffee shop trends—and with good reason. Generation Z currently makes up a fifth of the U.S. population and holds an estimated $360 billion in disposable income. And they’re more interested in coffee than ever, which is promising for Coffeepreneurs®!

But Gen Z doesn’t spend money lightly. They save one-third of their income, buy secondhand clothing, and cook at home. Let’s dig into a few key statistics to know about Gen Z coffee shop trends and how you can meet this audience where they are.

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