Serving Cold Brew Coffee in Your Coffee Shop

What to Know About Cold Brew Coffee This Summer

Cold brew coffee is trending in 2023, and the menu item seems like it’s here to stay. The National Coffee Association found that 17% of coffee consumers drank a cold brew in the past week. Gen Z, in particular, is keen on the beverage. And even though iced coffee is selling year round, the summertime is sure to keep your baristas busy pouring cold brew.

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De Ra Coffee: Serving Drinks That Feel Like Home

For Bassam Khalaf and his co-founders at De Ra Coffee, coffee is more than a morning beverage. It’s a way of life, a representation of culture. The cafe is serving up drinks with roots in Yemen, Kashmir, the Middle East, and the Arabian Gulf area that you can’t find anywhere else in DFW! We spoke with Bassam, Coffeepreneur®, about the unique business concept behind De Ra as well as the hybrid model they’re employing with Chef Sam’s Kitchen &

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Creating a Non-Transactional Coffee Shop Customer Experience

In today’s world of convenience and on-demand everything, the customer experience can begin to feel pretty transactional. We order clothes, books, and tools online without asking a sales associate for help. People pull up to a drive thru, speak to a screen, and swap our card for a food order. And we slide into the backseat and stare at our phones during an Uber ride.

If a customer prefers to get what they need quickly and go on their way,

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