Social Media Tips for Coffee Shops

Like it or not, social media has become a mandatory marketing tool for coffee shops. The days of relying on word-of-mouth and a sandwich board outside are gone. But fear not—if you can successfully start a coffee shop in this competitive market, you have the skills to build a great online presence with these social media tips for coffee shops.

Social media takes strategy, which is why freelancers and content creators are growing in popularity.

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Coffee Shop Innovation in 2022

These days, it’s tempting to pay attention to what’s trending. A memorable scene at the Oscars, the latest TikTok audio, and last night’s sports game churn up clicks and engagement. But trending isn’t built to last. Small businesses who find success–the kind that endures–are those who innovate.

Coffee shop innovation is an important value at Texas Coffee School. In fact, our business was built on innovation! When we began in 2010, we were teaching classes in students’ houses when coffee education was a fairly new concept.

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Coffee Shop Operations Best Practices

The most successful Coffeepreneurs® have mastered refined, efficient, consistent coffee shop operations. Consistency leads to better customer service, higher employee retention, and ultimately a more successful coffee shop. From there, coffee shop managers can adjust certain factors as needed.

From communicating expectations to employees to asking the right managerial questions, we’re sharing the foundation you need to start to build a successful coffee shop operations system. It starts with finding efficiencies, knowing what pitfalls to avoid,

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