How to Make Better Tasting Cold Brewed Coffee at Home


If you are like most coffee enthusiasts, you want to know how to make better tasting cold brew coffee at home. Our preferred home iced coffee maker is called the Cold “Bruer.” It was actually invented by one of our former students! The Cold Bruer is similar to a Japanese style Kyoto coffee dripper, but much more compact, ergonomic, and consistent. They both utilize a slow cold drip method known for producing a smooth and rich cup with exceptional complexity,

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Are barista training classes worth it? 

Barista training classes provide you the skills necessary to feel confident working in a quality-oriented coffee environment, or as a skilled home barista. Of course, attending barista training requires an investment of both time and money. Are barista training classes really worth it? 

We’re going to break down who barista training can benefit, what they teach, how they increase your coffee shop’s chance of success, and how to know if you’re investing in quality barista training.  

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What to Expect as a Coffee Shop Owner

New Year, new Career! How to Start a Coffee Shop in 2021

We spend the beginning of each year making promises to ourselves. But this year, the resolutions feel different. The 2021 resolutions come after a year of adjustment, isolation, and hardship. For many of us, 2020 was a year to reflect on the things that truly make us happy. (And the things that don’t.) Is 2021 the year you leave a frustrating,

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