4 Coffee Business Lessons from Former Students

Many of our incoming coffee business students ask us for a successful coffee shop to study as they create their own business plan. In 2020, we shared success stories from some of our former students who have recently opened coffee shops. We showcased the resilience, business savvy, and innovation of small business owners throughout the country. These Coffeepreneurs® did more than keep their businesses alive in a roller coaster year. They found ways to thrive.

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5 Things Only the Best Baristas Know How to Do

At a coffee shop, the customer experience begins and ends with baristas. Not only should they place value on serving delicious coffee, but they should also be able to do so in a way that offers customers an unparalleled experience. 

Whether you’re a coffee shop owner, manager, or a barista yourself, you know a coffee shop needs excellent baristas to be successful. With little training, most baristas can make a decent cup of coffee.

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They Didn’t Just Open a Coffee Shop, They Created a Lifestyle Brand

Meet the Co-Founders of Carve Surf and Coffee

Kim Vanderpol and Cate Kelly met when they were two years old. As kids, they grew up on the beaches Jupiter, Florida. As teens, they traveled together as competitive surfers. And now, they’re the owners of Carve Surf and Coffee, in Tequesta, Florida, right on the beaches they grew up surfing together. Carve’s coffee shop concept is a direct extension of Kim and Cate’s lifestyle.

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