How to Open a Coffee Shop in a Small Town

Can You Open a Coffee Shop in a Small Town?

If you’re an entrepreneur living in a small town who wants to open a coffee shop, the answer is yes—you can successfully launch a coffee business! Take it from Coffeepreneur® Dorrie Pilot. As she shared with us, “I had a fear that people in small towns would not appreciate specialty coffee… and what I have been pleasantly surprised by is that my small town residents are hungry for good coffee.”

In fact,

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Little Brick Coffee Opens a Coffee Shop in Small Town Maryland

When Coffeepreneurs® Dorrie and Jeff Pilot bought an eight-acre property in the country, they had big dreams of what they’d do with it. The vision began with two existing buildings the duo planned to turn into a brewery. But what about the tiny building—a former 1980s two-pump gas station—that stood by the entrance to the property? Could they try using the space to open a coffee shop in a small town?

Thus, Little Brick Coffee was born.

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