5 Smart Business Strategies for Coffee Shops in 2022

Just like any business, the coffee industry is ever-changing. Business owners and managers can’t be reactive to trends. They need to have a long-term plan for success, a vision for expansion, and the ability to adapt in the face of challenges. Our coffee education program equips Coffeepreneurs® with smart business strategies for coffee shops. Fads come and go, but these growth tactics can help you run the coffee shop of tomorrow:

  1. Grow revenue with a hybrid model.
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Galindo’s Is the Hybrid Business Model of Tomorrow

Galindo’s, owned by Coffeepreneurs® Zak and Sophie Galindo, has something for everyone. You can bring your family in for haircuts, aesthetic services, and–our personal favorite–great coffee. They’re mastering the hybrid business model, where multiple streams of revenue live under one roof.

We sat down with Zak and Sophie to peek behind the curtain of the Galindo’s brand.

Hundreds of students have successfully launched coffee shop businesses after attending Texas Coffee School.

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