Building Real Community

As Texas Coffee School we celebrates its 14th year, it’s great to see some of our early students still thriving. Brentwood Social House, founded by Suzanne Daniels in 2016, has stood the test of time and become a favorite among the local community.

What really makes Brentwood Social House stand out is its focus on community. Now, ‘community’ is a word that often gets overused. So many businesses say they want to build a community with their brand and their coffee shop,

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Local Marketing Strategies for Coffee Shops

When it comes to marketing, having an effective strategy can make or break your coffee shop. Even with the best coffee or most creative menu items, your coffee business can’t turn a profit without getting customers in the door. Fortunately, several Texas Coffee School Coffeepreneurs® have paved the way in innovative, successful marketing plans. Check out these local marketing strategies for coffee shops, featuring Arwa Yemeni Coffee—one of Dallas’ hottest coffee shops owned by a former student!

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Why You Need to Add a Coffee Shop to Your Salon

The beauty industry is on the rise, according to the State of Fashion report by McKinsey & Company. Of the four main beauty categories, hair care and skin care are projected to grow another 6% by 2027. Business might be good if you’re a salon owner. But could it be even better? Industry disruptive salon owners are uncovering a business boosting secret weapon: add a coffee shop to your salon.

Let’s dig in.

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Get Inked and Caffeinated at Mothers House

At Texas Coffee School, we talk and teach often about how a coffee shop hybrid model can add revenue to your business. Mothers House, located in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas, TX, is a glowing example. The woman-owned tattoo shop was founded by Brieana Jones, tattoo artist and Texas Coffee School Coffeepreneur®.

When you step foot into Mothers House, you’re greeted by stylish art and tattoo designs, a cozy ambience and, of course,

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How Your Target Audience Might Affect Your Coffee Shop Layout

Designing Your Coffee Shop Layout

The layout of your coffee shop is integral to the identity of your space. It determines the flow of customer traffic, how the space can be decorated to suit your brand’s aesthetic, and more. But the first question you should ask yourself when designing your layout is “who are my people?” Different audiences value different amenities from coffee shops!

The Rise of Mobile Coffee Shops

The New York Times reports that drive-thrus are increasingly popular with Gen Z and younger millennials,

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