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Hand Brewed Coffee vs. Machine Brewed – Which is Best For Your Coffee Shop Business Plan, Barista Training?

Lately it seems like every commercial on television has a latte-art laden cappuccino. Television characters are working at coffee shops like Café Grumpy and Intelligentsia. Intelligentsia’s coffee can even be found on the shelves at Target now. Specialty coffee is becoming a part of popular culture in a big way. As more of specialty coffee […]

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Multi-Roaster Coffee Shop Business Model: The More The Merrier?

Specialty Coffee has grow significantly in the past decade. New quality-focused coffee shops and coffee businesses rapidly continue to open  in cities across North America and beyond. Many are even popping up in small towns or suburban neighborhoods. As interest and appreciation for great coffee grows, however, it’s becoming more common to find well-prepared specialty coffee […]

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