Why Veterans Make Successful Coffee Shop Owners

Why Veterans Tend to Make Successful Coffee Shop Owners

At Texas Coffee School, we have the honor of meeting all kinds of aspiring coffee shop owners. Many of our students attend our classes when they’re making a career transition. We’ve worked with former doctors, teachers, lawyers, and all types of professionals. But there’s one group of people we’ve watched become successful coffee shop owners time after time: United States military veterans. 

It’s easy to confirm that veterans make great entrepreneurs.

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Why You Don’t Have to Wait to Open a Coffee Shop

Meet the Owner of “Coffee on the Red”

Nelson Lewis founded Coffee on the Red in Bossier City, Louisiana with his brother Andrew. The Lewis brothers are both equine veterinarians, and the coffee shop isn’t their first business together. In fact, they still run a veterinary business full time as they’ve managed to build, open, and run Coffee on the Red. 

Nelson’s love for coffee developed in veterinary school, where coffee fueled a lot of late nights studying.

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Coffee Shop Industry Trends in 2020

This year’s coffee shop industry trends

The year 2020 has brought about change to just about every industry. Restaurant and coffee shop businesses have found innovative ways to keep their doors open. Massive layoffs have shifted the job market. People have had to re-evaluate the ways they spend their time. 

As coffee educators, we work with students who are opening or already own coffee shops all around the world. Through our students (and because we’re constantly researching and updating our curriculum to be the best in the business),

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