How to Take Your Coffee Shop to the Next Level

Is It Time to Level Up Your Coffee Shop?

Coffee shop ownership can be an exciting yet arduous journey. And sometimes, you might find yourself itching for growth or needing fresh inspiration. If you’re noticing any of the following “symptoms” of your coffee shop, it might be time to take your coffee shop to the next level:

  • Plateau in profits or growth. Maybe your coffee shop thrived in the beginning,
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Kreative Grounds Cafe Is a Mother-Daughter Dream Come True

Kreative Grounds Cafe is a place to grab a coffee and tasty treat while enjoying local art in McAllen, Texas. It’s also the long-awaited dream come true of Kris Karr and her daughter, Adrienne Gordon, Texas Coffee School Coffeepreneurs®.

Kris dreamed of owning a coffee shop and showcasing local art for three decades. Her idea began when she was an art student in Houston. But she moved back to the Valley as a single mother and couldn’t pursue that dream—for the time being.

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