How to Open a Coffee Shop in 2021: Our Top Posts

This year, we shared more knowledge than ever before on how to open a coffee shop. We’ve helped hundreds of students successfully launch their own coffee shop businesses! If you are an aspiring coffee shop owner, our blog can be a helpful resource to you on your journey. Check out these highlights from our Top Posts of 2021 to kickstart your new year of learning.

Table of Contents:

  • Find the Right Barista Training Course or Business Class
  • Adopt an Entrepreneur’s Mindset
  • Understand Coffee Shop Management and Finances
  • Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Create a Loyal Following and Market Your Coffee Shop
  • Create a Unique Concept and Have a Purpose

Find the Right Barista Training Course or Business Class

As coffee educators,

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Coffee Shop Design Rules

How do I design a coffee shop? 

Dreaming up a coffee shop design is one of the most anticipated steps in the opening process. Many small business owners feel that the design process is where they can leave their personal stamp. It’s where their coffee shop concept comes to life. 

The way a coffee shop looks and feels is important. But there’s so much more to coffee shop design than mid-century furniture and exposed brick walls.

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