How Coffeepreneur® David Bednarek Grew His Coffee Shop Revenue

Online ordering, diversified menu, multiple streams of revenue—they’re more than just buzzwords. They’re the way of coffee shop innovation in 2022 and beyond. The coffee industry is more competitive than ever, and we applaud Texas Coffee School students who’ve stayed ahead of the crowd.

In our Q&A below with David Bednarek, Coffeepreneur®, we talk about coffee shop revenue and how it’s possible to start a successful business from scratch.

You can join students like David for a 3-day coffee shop education,

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How to Scale and Grow Your Coffee Shop

Are you a current or aspiring Coffeepreneur® with plans to grow your coffee shop? Do you dream of multiple locations and a team of employees to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine? Here’s some good news. We believe if you can successfully launch one storefront, you’re not far off from scaling into many more.

Intuit predicts that 17 million new small businesses will launch in 2022. Your coffee business can sail ahead of the crowd with these three tips on how to grow:

  1. Refine your coffee shop operations
  2. Invest in your people
  3. Create a memorable brand

We teach coffee shop managers critical business operations and management skills to effectively run a coffee shop.

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