Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies

We know how much it takes to open a coffee shop. Our students pour their hearts, sweat, time, and savings into bringing their coffee shop visions to life. After so much work, there’s nothing more satisfying than turning on the “Open” sign on your brand new business. Unless nobody comes in, that is. 

Before you can successfully open a coffee shop (and every day after), you’ll rely on effective marketing tactics to help you bring customers through your door.

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How to Start a Coffee Shop with Loyal Customers

How to Start a Coffee Shop People Love

When students come to us to learn how to start a coffee shop, most of their questions start with business tactics. What does it cost? What equipment should we buy? How do we choose our location? These are all great questions. (And, we answer them all thoroughly in our 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class). But, the success of numerous popular coffee shop business models ultimately lies elsewhere: loyal customers.

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