Coffee Shop Recipes: Rose Latte

This Rose Latte sings of spring and fresh flowers! Just a couple quick steps for this recipe:

  • Prepare your preheated 8 oz latte cup by adding 1/3 oz or ~1 pump of Holy Kakow Rose Syrup.
  • Prepare your double shot of espresso using one of our favorite espresso blends (Cuvee Coffee Karmadillo or Oak Cliff Coffee Hidden City) into your prepared cup.
  • As the espresso is pouring into the cup,
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What’s trending at coffee shops in 2023?

Our world seems to be moving at hyper speed. Chatbots are writing articles (but not this one), cars are starting to drive themselves, and we’re drinking cold brew from cans. It wasn’t long ago that Third Wave Coffee hit the scene, and words like “artisan,” “craft,” and “pour over” made their way into the mainstream population’s vocabulary. Now, one global pandemic and a new generation of coffee drinkers later, where does that leave us? Coffee shop culture and trends continue to evolve.

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Arwa Yemeni Coffee: Coffee Shop Success Story

Meet the Coffeepreneurs® Behind Arwa Yemeni Coffee

Texas Coffee School recently spoke to co-founder of one of DFW’s buzziest new coffeeshops, Yazan Soofi. Yazan is one of our former students in the 3-Day Coffee Business Master Class and the co-founder of Arwa Yemeni Coffee in Richardson, Texas. When he and his wife Susan Shihab, sister Nora Soofi, and her husband Faris Almatrahi opened Arwa in December 2022, they were quickly embraced by local Tik Tokers,

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